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Wildlife of Namibia

Wildlife of Namibia – The Yellow Mongoose aka Red Meerkat

The ordinary meerkat is an African enigma –cute enough to be immortalized as a Disney character with their own TV ...
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Arebbusch Travel Lodge 2017 Festive Season Accommodation Special

At Arebbusch Travel Lodge we’re really getting into the spirit of Christmas. Book our Festive Season Accommodation Special and join ...
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Christmas Lunch Menu

Christmas Lunch 2017 in Windhoek with Arebbusch Travel Lodge

The menu is planned, the grill is fired up and we are ready to serve you the Christmas lunch of ...
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Etosha National Park

Black-Faced – Not Just Any Impala

The black-faced impala (Aepyceros melampus petersi) is one of Namibia’s many conservation success stories. There are less than 3 000 ...
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Namibia Harbour

Sandwich Harbour – an important coastal wetland of Namibia

Erongo’s Sandwich Harbour lies 80km south of Walvis Bay along a rough-hewn track which is best attempted with the help ...
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Namibian Warthog

Warthogs in Namibia

Visitors to Central and Northern Namibia are in for a treat with sightings of warthogs alongside the roads or in ...
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Namibia Cycle Tour 2017

Namibian Pick and Pay Cycle Classic 2017 – Windhoek Accommodation Special

The Namibian Pick and Pay Cycle Classic 2017 is taking place this year on the 14th and 15th of October ...
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