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Friends in High Places

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What does a young man who has just retired from a ten-year stint in the army do when he can pretty much choose anything at all?  Well, if you are Prince Henry of Wales, better known as Prince Harry, you head straight to Africa for three months on a voluntary conservation stint.  Barely allowing time for the champagne to settle after his military farewell, the royal has already arrived for the first leg of his three-month visit to Africa, which will incorporate Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.

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Arebbusch Travel Lodge supports the Have-a-Heart Project

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For many thousands of years, man has relied on cats and dogs not only for companionship, but to perform many useful tasks in their daily lives.  This relationship has been a mutually beneficial and successful one – so successful in fact that these creatures have thrived in the care of mankind to the extent that we now face a serious overpopulation crisis.  Without the threat of predators or natural factors, dog and cat populations have spiralled out of control, to the point where there are not enough loving homes to accommodate them.  

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Motorbike Tour Operators in Namibia

Hit the road with a bike tour through Namibia

See Namibia in a different light on a bike tour of the country – the following operators provide a specialized bike safari service to help you along the way:

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Namibia’s Skeleton Coast – The Macabre Yet Beautiful Coastline Beckons You

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Along about 500km of shoreline, where it seems that the world has ripped and torn away at itself, between the northern city of Swakopmund and the Angolan border, which is in the north west of Namibia, lies the Skeleton Coast. For all its bleakness it has a draw on those who travel to Namibia and is a must see place of interest for anyone who dares to feast their eyes on beauty that has a dark past.

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DIY Holidays – Self-Catering Establishments in Namibia

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A self-catering establishment is described as ‘having a fully equipped kitchen for the exclusive use of guests staying in the unit’. Suitable equipment and utensils are provided to enable guests to prepare and cook their own meals, as well as enough crockery and cutlery to cater to the number of people which the unit can accommodate.

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