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How to Honeymoon Like a Royal in Namibia

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Those who have visited Namibia before will find it no surprise that the Royals have chosen to honeymoon in Namibia. With one of the lowest population densities on earth, this African country is the ideal destination to seek out some privacy during these intimate first weeks. Namibia offers a high standard of hospitality and an excellent tourism infrastructure, luring over 1.5 million tourists during 2016.

Why Choose Namibia?

Rumors are still rife about the exact location of the couple’s stay in Namibia, but they are spoiled for choice when it comes to luxury destinations and scenic locations.

The country offers endless opportunities for a quixotic stay overlooking immaculate wilderness, a vast desert and tempestuous shore. There is a huge array of adventures to cement your nuptial bonds in Nambia.

Options are endless with almost every kind of extreme sport on offer, and amazing wildlife safaris in some of Africa’s least disturbed environments . What could be more romantic than gazing up at one of the world’s best starscapes in the Sossusvlei, toasting your union against a blazing desert sunset, or dining al-fresco with the sounds of the wild all around you?

The Princes’ passion for Africa

Prince Harry has a long-held affinity for Africa with philanthropic interests in Lesotho and Botswana. He has already visited the latter destination with Miss Markle and has expressed a strong desire for his future children to continue the Royal family’s love affair with the continent.  

Prince William is also a fan of Africa, and is a patron of the elephant charity, Tusk. He proposed to Kate Middleton during a 3-week long safari to Kenya.

Where better then for the newly-wed couple to indulge in their passion for all things African, than Namibia’s vast conservancies, the lush environment of the Caprivi, or among the vast expanses of Etosha National Park.

Wherever the Royals choose to spend their time in Namibia, they are assured of privacy, unforgettable experiences, unique landscapes, welcoming hospitality and fascinating endemic wildlife.

Plan Your Own Honeymoon

If you’d like to follow in the footsteps of HRH Harry and his bride, you don’t need a Prince’s ransom to imitate the experience.

Namibia offers a wealth of accommodation options for every budget. You’ll find something to suit your style wherever you look, from luxury accommodation in Windhoek to camping in the wilds of Etosha.

Start planning your honeymoon in Namibia now, before the trend catches on.

The Shimmering Sands of Sossusvlei, South of Namibia

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Located within the Namib-Naukluft National Park, the Sossusvlei is packed with tall sand dunes, geological attractions and scenic landscapes. It is a sensational photographic gem and you’ll find it about 5 hours’ drive form your Windhoek accommodation and 400 km from Swakopmund.

Along with Etosha National Park, it is one of Namibia’s most visited locations.

Highlights of the Trip

Make sure you tick off the following spots on your visit to Sossusvlei:

  • Sesriem Canyon with its water pools lingering six-leather-straps-length beneath the intricate rock formations on the way down.
  • The Dunes, namely Dune 45 and Big Daddy. These are great for climbing and provide panoramic views over the sands from their lofty heights. Take plenty of water and leave early in the morning to avoid the midday heat. A camera is essential.
  • The Sossusvlei itself at the Tsachaub River is one of the world’s most photographed sites.
  • See the famous fossilised camel thorn trees with their feet in the salty white clay of Dead vlei.
  • Hunt for animal tracks like the Namib Gecko or sand snakes on the barren surface of Hiddenvlei.
  • Take note of the solid rock faces of the Petrified Dunes which are visible as you travel around the area.

You can explore this picturesque terrain on foot, by quad bike and 4×4, or in a hot air balloon soaring on the currents above. A guided tour is a must if you want to find out more about the area, it’s history and inhabitants as you go along.

Fauna and Flora

Most of the species found in this hyper-arid area are supremely adapted to survive here and very often unique to the area.

Vegetation has learned to glean nourishment from the Atlantic coastal fog which is typical around these parts. Camel thorn trees and deep-rooted Nara melons are the most prolific plant forms found here. Fascinating and ancient Welwitschia plants abound in the northern reaches of the Namib-Naukluft.

Toktokkie beetles, Namib Dune ants, cartwheeling spiders, Namib geckos and gemsbok are some of the other desert adapted creatures you may come across during your travels. If you stay out after dark, you could come across bat-eared foxes, jackals and porcupines as they emerge from their daytime retreats.

Birdwatchers can look forward to sightings of Rueppell’s Bustard, Monteiro’s Hornbill, Dune Lark, Black-eared Sparrow-Lark, Kopje Warbler, and Karoo Thrush.

Plan your Trip

For more information on the activities and attractions surrounding the Sossusvlei check out the Namibia Travel Guide. Your great Namibian adventure starts when you book your flights and accommodation in Windhoek. Start planning today.

Sossusvlei South of Namibia

Bwabwata National Park

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Most of the tourists arriving in Namibia, check in to Windhoek accommodation before heading out for further explorations. read more

The Mesosaurus Fossil Site in Southern Namibia

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Keetmanshoop is rightly famous for its fine German fare and as a gateway to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. It is also a springboard from which to explore the wonders of the Quiver Tree forest and Mesosaurus Fossil site about 40km away. read more

Sandwich Harbour – an important coastal wetland of Namibia

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Erongo’s Sandwich Harbour lies 80km south of Walvis Bay along a rough-hewn track which is best attempted with the help of a 4×4 vehicle. It is about 400km from Windhoek and 46km from Swakopmund.

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