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Namibian Safari of Culture

Much of African culture resides in oral tradition; stories are passed on from parents to children, who in turn pass on those stories to their own children.  The stories often develop along the way, the meaning and messages adapted slightly to fit the circumstances of the time. 

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Owamboland: Holiday In Namibia With A Difference

If you want to get off the beaten track in Namibia a visit to the home of the Owambo people would be in order.  This area is not commonly frequented by tourists and visitors can expect a truly authentic experience of the real Namibia.

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Namibia: Taking a Trip Back in Time in the Brandberg Mountain

As you plan your trip to Namibia, booking into guest houses in Windhoek and ensuring a place on a Namibia safari, there are a few must see sites to be added into your itinerary.  Some of these are the Sossusvlei area, the Skeleton Coast, the San conservancy at Nyae Nyae and the Brandberg Moutain in the Northwest of the Namib Desert.

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A Namibian Safari of Cultures: The San People of Nyae Nyae

In the opening scene of The God’s Must Be Crazy, a glass coke bottle falls from a passing helicopter and lands among a group of nomadic San people. At first a thing of fascination for the group, it later becomes a source of conflict and an object of evil that needs to be destroyed.  The film takes off as one of the San elders, Ju/’hoansi travels to the end of the earth to return this object to the gods that gave it to them. 

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Things To Do In Namibia

If you’re heading to Namibia in Southern Africa, then you’re in for a treat! If you’re not so sure about what those treats are, then take a look at what the Lonely Planet has said about the biggest attractions in the country: Etosha National Park, Fish River Canyon, Sossusvlei, the haunted forest and the diverse cultures of this incredible country.

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