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The Owambo tribe – face of Namibia

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The Owambo people are synonymous with Namibia and are the largest cultural sector found in this country, representing over a third of Namibia’s total population. Concentrated mostly in the north, the Owambo consist of eight tribes, namely the Ndonga, Kwambi, Ngandyela, Mbalanhu, Nkolonkadhi and Unda tribes.

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Tsumeb Arts Performance Centre in Namibia

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Tsumeb is the largest town in the Oshikoto region in northern Namibia and makes for a worthwhile stopover en route to your accommodation in Windhoek from Etosha National Park. This old mining town is the unexpected location of the Tsumeb Arts Performance Centre, established by the Namibian Art Performance Centres association (NAPCA) to foster young artists and promote cultural growth in the region.

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Rock Climbing In Namibia

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Namibia is a great destination for climbing, with great weather and spectacular views from high up. There is no danger from snow or freezing temperatures and the available mountains are nowhere near as treacherous or high as those in Europe or Asia. 

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Pensions in Namibia

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The Pension, or boarding house, is a common type of accommodation in Namibia, combining the best of both worlds in lodging options.  What the average pension lacks in frills and finesse, it makes up for with more personalized service and cost effectiveness. 

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Exploring old haunts – Namibia’s ghost towns

Namibia is filled with forgotten places which beg exploration, and the Sperrgebiet is one of the best examples of these.  Book a guided tour as you will need a 4×4 vehicle and driver and, unless you wish to become a statistic, it really helps to have someone in your corner who knows their way around when venturing into deserted areas. 

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