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The Weather and Climate of Namibia

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Namibia is Southern Africa’s driest country, with an average of 300 sunny days per year. While this bodes well for sun-seeking tourists looking for perfect weather to indulge in all the adventure activities that Namibia has to offer, there is more to the Namibian climate than endless sunny days and sweeping desert landscapes.

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Why you should choose Cape Town for your next holiday?

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Cape Town is one of the world’s favourite cities and the most visited tourist destination in South Africa, with an extremely welcoming attitude towards visitors and an outstanding tourist infrastructure. The city is easily reached by Namibian travellers via direct flights from Windhoek and even by road. The trip from Windhoek to Cape Town comprises 1 480km of good safe roads and makes a fascinating road trip with many worthwhile and interesting stops along the way. 

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Tourism in Namibia

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During 2010, Namibia topped the Lonely Planet rankings as the best country to visit and last year, 2015, it was narrowly pipped at the travel polls by Singapore. It seems that international travellers have developed a long-standing love affair with this large, sparsely populated country in the South Western reaches of Africa, making the tourism industry in Namibia one of the biggest money-spinners in the country.
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Planning your Trip to Etosha National Park

Once you have decided to venture into the vast wilderness that is Etosha National Park, you have a few alternatives as to how you would go about your trip. Guided package tours are available through various reputable travel operators which will take care of everything on your behalf including activities, game drives, meals, and accommodation either inside or on the outskirts of the park.

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Predators of Etosha and where to find them

Everybody loves a cat, and large feline species make up some of the most sought-after sightings in Etosha National Park.  However, hunters come in many shapes and sizes in the Namibian wilderness and these are some of the four-legged predators you can expect to see while visiting this iconic game reserve.

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