Venue 1

Venue one has a total floor space of 300sqm. It can be subdivided into two halls, one larger and one smaller, by hanging aluminum pack-away doors. The larger hall has a total floor space of 180sqm while the smaller hall has a total floor space of 120sqm. The floors and pack away doors are carpeted for aesthetics and sound insulation. Lighting is provided by down lighters that shed a “soft yellow light”, and energy saver bulbs that shed a “sharp white light”.  Altogether there are three glass sliding doors that provide access to the venue. The sliding doors and windows are all covered by curtains which may be drawn aside or pulled closed to prevent sunlight from entering.  The venue is air conditioned and there are speakers that are built into the roof that may be connected to a PA system. Wireless internet access is available, vouchers must be purchased and access speeds must please be stipulated at least a week prior to the event.

Outside the venue is an open air reception area with tables, chairs and umbrellas. The reception area has a total floor space of 270sqm. In the middle is a beautiful fish pond with a fountain in it.

Access for wheel chairs is via a ramp along the outside of the building.

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