4 Reasons To Go Stargazing In Namibia

Stargazing in Namibia

A spectacular end to every day

Namibia is famed for its high adrenaline adventures, pristine nature, and stunning scenery.

It’s a place filled with unexpected beauty and unforgettable experiences. Stargazing in Namibia ticks both these boxes.

These are the four best reasons to look up when the sun goes down in Namibia.

1. Stargazing in Namibia is a Bucket-List Item

Namibia is an excellent destination for fulfilling your wish lists of animal and bird sightings, unique places, and once-in-a-lifetime activities.

As the site of only the second place on earth to be designated a Gold Tier International Dark Sky Reserve status in 2012, the Namib Rand Nature Reserve certainly deserves a place on any travelers list.

Here you will enjoy a view of the southern night skies as you never imagined them, ablaze with billions of stars usually dimmed by the lights of civilization.

The Milky Way forms an impressive, dense streak of light across the sky slinking slowly beyond your view in time with the earth’s rotation. Our neighboring Andromeda Galaxy, invisible elsewhere, is part of the scenery in a Dark Sky Reserve.

Just after sunset and before dawn, you could see the International Space Station passing by. You won’t need to look too hard to see bright stars like the Southern Cross, Orion’s Belt and Omega Centauri.

If you get your timing right, you could even observe rare galactic sights like the Magellanic Clouds, zodiacal light, and gegenschein.

Are you curious about these mysterious terms? In Namibia, you don’t need to navigate the universe alone.

2. Namibia has an Excellent Stargazing Infrastructure

You don’t need much to enjoy the wonder of stargazing, but there are a few things you simply can’t do without. Clear skies are top of the list for this experience, and a staple of the Namibian climate.

The country boasts 300 days of clear skies per year and very little water vapour in the air, so you’re almost always assured of clear views for this night-time activity.

Even the fog of the Skeleton Coast doesn’t put much of a damper on stargazing in Namibia.

Thanks to its low population per square mile and mostly rural aspect, Namibia has very little light pollution, allowing the stars to sparkle brilliantly against inky black skies.

Nambian stargazing conditions are so perfect, that it’s become a hub for astrophysics and astronomy research.

Namibia’s largest tabletop mountain the Gamsberg is still one of the best stargazing sites in the Southern Hemisphere and also the site of the Max Planck High Energy Stereoscopic System experiment at the International Amateur Observatory. With 220 astronomically usable nights each year, this initiative aims to uncover the source of mysterious particles in the universe.

3. Enjoy Extra Luxury When Stargazing in Namibia

Anyone can enjoy star gazing in Namibia from campsites or resorts across the country, but you’ll enjoy the best experiences when you book a spot in one of the country’s prime stargazing destinations.

These are:

When you opt for a stay in one of these star-studded places, your hosts have considered every possible way to maximize your experience.

Low lighting in the rooms and common areas, shield the skies from glaring interference, and most rooms boast extra touches to make your stay extra special.

In many places, you can embark on a guided tour to excellent vantage points, sleep under the stars on elevated decks, admire the scene from rooftop viewing areas, or gaze up to the heavens through skylights above your bed.

Many of the country’s lodges have private observatories, computerised telescopes, and Astro-guides on site so you can take your stargazing experiences to new heights.

Photographing the stars is always a disappointing affair unless you have an experienced astrophotographer to show you the ropes. Many lodges offer this service, too.

Do you regard roughing it as the ultimate luxury? Pack your tent, a pair of binoculars, a telescope, and a comfy chair and settle down with a star map and discover the starscape your own way.

With so much to see and do in Namibia, you’re bound to find a host of diversions to keep you busy between sunrise and sunset wherever you go.

4. It’s the Ultimate End to Your Day

Stargazing in Namibia is the best way to unwind after a busy day sightseeing, game viewing, or taking part in adrenaline fuelled activities.

This activity allows you to reflect on your day, uncover new perspectives, or simply wind down, mesmerized by the glittering spectacle overhead.

Gazing up at the infinite space overhead provides a new perspective on life, and can kindle a long-buried sense of inner peace that lies hidden under the busyness of modern life.

Namibia is the Ultimate Adventure Playground

The dry winter months of May through to November are the best for stargazing in Namibia. It’s also the cooler, peak game viewing season, and a time when the night skies are at their best.

It’s easy to add premium stargazing experiences to your Namibian holiday, by slotting one of these elite experiences into your itinerary or simply by spending some time gazing at the skies wherever you are.

A two-hour drive from Windhoek takes you to one of the country’s best stargazing destinations, so book your accommodation at Arebbusch Travel Lodge and get your star-studded journey off to a great start.

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