The value of staying in a Bed and Breakfast (B&B) over a large hotel can be found in the details – the waitress is all the more likely to remember your name and whether you prefer coffee or tea in the mornings. The owner of the establishment may loan you his trusty maps to help you find the famous hidden waterfall in the area, and when they ask you to “come back soon” they probably really mean it.

Not all B&Bs are created equal of course, but generally the warmth and hospitality of a B&B can make all the difference in a trip.  B&Bs will generally be relatively small, offering between 3 to 8 room options. Breakfast, as the name implies, is part of the package.  

Some of the larger B&B options will have a restaurant and fully licensed bar but lunches and dinner will naturally cost extra.

The real appeal is in the personal touch.  Generally a B&B will be an owner managed establishment, which means that he person waiting up to let you in at 11pm when you arrive is more likely to be the owner, happy to have your business; than an employee whose silent resentment is tangible.

There are a smaller number of people passing through the doors of the B&B and thus they can be more accommodating with personal requests.  While a B&B may not necessarily have the resources a larger hotel does, the willingness to help is usually far more genuine. 

B&B’s rely a lot more on word of mouth advertising, it is thus in the owner’s interest that you go home and rave not only about the charming town you stayed in, but the comfortable and friendly establishment you stayed at.

B&B’s in Namibia come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, and it is a mistake to generalise. Some will be romantic little hideaways, some pet friendly; some great for kids and others may be geared towards business people. 

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