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Namibian Birdlife at Arebbusch Travel Lodge

Most people arrive in Namibia keen to explore the wonders of nature in this enigmatic country, but immediately find themselves thrust into the midst of a busy city the moment they arrive.

Fortunately, there is a way to embrace the natural wonders of Africa before venturing onward to far off attractions like Etosha National park, the Caprivi, or the Sossusvlei.

Arebbusch Travel Lodge, is located just 7km from the inner city, so it’s easy to reach from the airport if you have things to do in the city before you venture onward.

Thanks to its location, Arebbusch offers a tranquil environment where you can immerse yourself in indigenous vegetation writhing with Namibian birdlife. It’s a great place to get familiar with some of Namibia’s bird species.

Namibian Birdlife Thrives at Arebbusch Travel Lodge

The natural environment at Arebbusch Travel Lodge is a huge drawcard for several species of Namibian birds and the management is currently working with the Namibia Bird Club to document as many species as possible.

So far, these enthusiasts have identified 38 species of birds on the property, and you can view images of them in their natural surroundings on our dedicated nature site. Some of these avians include:

  • Black-chested Prinias
  • Red-billed Spurfowl
  • Greater striped Swallows
  • Black-faced Waxbills
  • White browed Sparrow-Weavers
  • Cape Wagtails

You’ll find them feeding and nesting among the many indigenous trees on the property including camel thorn and monkey thorn trees, cycads, and palms.

Enjoying the Birdlife at Arebbusch Travel Lodge

Whether you’re visiting for a quick lunch, a conference, or staying for a few nights, you’ll get plenty of opportunity to enjoy Namibian birdlife during your time at Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

The gardens surrounding the restaurant and pool area are a magnet for some of the prettiest birds on the property, attracting specimens like glossy starlings, African red-eyed Bulbuls, Southern-masked Weavers, and house Sparrows.

So, pull up a chair at one of the outside tables to maximize the view.

You’re bound to hear the calls of the Cape Turtle Dove, Speckled Dove, Laughing Dove, Black-throated Canaries, and chattering Burnt-necked Eremomelas while enjoying your meal or teatime treat.

Perhaps a Pied Crow may pop in to beg for a bite, and you may even catch a glimpse of the Acacia Pied Barbets peering from their perches, too.

Other common Namibian species to look out for include:

  • Red-headed and Scaly feathered Finches
  • Shaft-tailed and Long-tailed paradise Whydahs
  • Bradfield’s and Little Swifts

Overnight visitors can stroll the property to their heart’s content with their binoculars and bird book in hand or spend some time on the patio of their room lapping up the birdsong and views.

If preferred, you can arrange a guided bird walk around the property, just speak to the receptionist about pre-booking this experience.

One of the best ways to maximize your birding experiences during your stay is to book into the luxury tents located on the edges of the property and overlooking a swathe of indigenous Namibian bush.

Bird Watching Highlights at Arebbusch Travel Lodge

Apart from these common garden variety birds, you might also get a chance to see some of Namibia’s more enigmatic species during your time at Arebbusch.

The Rosy-faced Lovebird, is one of the few parrots that’s endemic to Africa and is a colourful, pretty and entertaining species, while the Blue Waxbill’s attractive pastel blue feathers never fail to delight.

You can’t miss the colourful plumage of the Marico Sunbird, Southern red Bishop, Violet-back Starling, and Swallow tailed Bee-eater as they flit amongst the foliage, either.

You might have to look a little harder for some of the dowdier resident birds, like:

  • African palm Swift
  • Chestnut-vented tit-babbler
  • Common Scimitarbill
  • Grey-backed Camaroptera
  • Grey go-away Bird
  • Marico Flycatcher
  • Pririt Batis
  • Rock Martin
  • White-backed Mousebird

Enjoy Nature At Its Best

If you’re in a rush to explore the best that Namibia has to offer, Windhoek provides an excellent showcase of shopping, dining, and cultural activities. So it’s great to know you needn’t skip this interesting destination in your haste to discover Namibian birdlife.

For more about the fauna and flora of Arebbusch Travel Lodge, visit our dedicated Arebbusch Travel Lodge nature website, or browse our blog for details about more of Namibia’s incredible wildlife and the best places to enjoy them.

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