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Fame and Fashion – Nikola Conradie

Quietly spoken Namibian designer Nikola Conradie, from Windhoek, has been setting the catwalks alight with her home-brewed fashion over the last few years. Her rise to fame started with a childhood passion for fashion and a little girl’s love of dressing up, which...

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On the Road with Dan Craven

Dan Craven, otherwise known as ‘Dan from Nam‘, is the latest enigma to come rolling onto the professional cycling circuit. With his long locks and hipster beard, he is one of the most recognised faces on the road, but what he lacks in aerodynamics is more than made up...

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The Owambo tribe – face of Namibia

The Owambo people are synonymous with Namibia and are the largest cultural sector found in this country, representing over a third of Namibia’s total population. Concentrated mostly in the north, the Owambo consist of eight tribes, namely the Ndonga, Kwambi,...

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The Tswana People of Namibia

The Tswana are the smallest cultural group in Namibia, numbering some 6000, and are located mainly in the Gobabis district near the Botswana border (Hereroland).  They are divided into three sub-groups known as the Tlharo, the Thlhaping and the Kgalagadi, who have...

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The Nama People of Namibia

Have a closer look at that N$50 bank note as you hand it over to pay for your meals, curios or accommodation in Namibia.  The face which appears on several Namibian bank notes is that of Hendrik Witbooi, much admired leader of the Nama people during the first...

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