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How to Honeymoon Like a Royal in Namibia

Those who have visited Namibia before will find it no surprise that the Royals are reflecting on a honeymoon in Namibia. With one of the lowest population densities on earth, this African country is the ideal destination to seek out some privacy during these intimate first weeks. Namibia offers a high standard of hospitality and an excellent tourism infrastructure, luring over 1.5 million tourists during 2016.

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What you need to know about Namibia

Large, sparsely populated and arid, comprising mostly desert, Namibia spans 824,292 square kilometres of south western Africa, straddling the Tropic of Capricorn, which explains the intense heat which can be experienced here at times. A small population with vast...

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Snow in Namibia?

While travelling through Namibia’s hot and sandy Namib Desert or barren Skeleton Coast, it is hard to imagine that this area was once covered by ice and snow.  However, geological formations in the Namib Desert, in a remote region between the Huab and Ugab rivers...

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