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The Damara Dik Dik

The Damara dik dik, or Kirk’s dik dik, is the Namibian version of the more common steenbok. Apart from being much rarer than their distant cousin, the Damara dik dik is also smaller with a grey-brown upper body instead of rufous (a reddish brown) coloured, and has a...

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Giraffes in Namibia

Namibia’s harsh dry environment may not seem like the ideal habitat for large browsing mammals but surprisingly, these animals thrive under such conditions, and the country is home to not one but two types of giraffe. Apart from the well-known South African giraffe,...

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Diving in Namibia

With a long coastline stretching for 1,570km, from the Orange River on the border with South Africa to the Kunene River at its northern junction with Angola, at first glance Namibia might seem like a wonderful place for all kinds of aquatic adventures. While this...

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Leopards in Namibia

There’s more to leopard print than 80’s fashion gear and traditional outfits.  This particular blend of spots and dashes, officially known as rosettes, are extremely effective at ensuring that the leopard remains one Africa’s most sought-after, yet least often seen,...

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What you need to know about Namibia

Large, sparsely populated and arid, comprising mostly desert, Namibia spans 824,292 square kilometres of south western Africa, straddling the Tropic of Capricorn, which explains the intense heat which can be experienced here at times. A small population with vast...

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Snow in Namibia?

While travelling through Namibia’s hot and sandy Namib Desert or barren Skeleton Coast, it is hard to imagine that this area was once covered by ice and snow.  However, geological formations in the Namib Desert, in a remote region between the Huab and Ugab rivers...

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On the Greens of Namibia

Golf may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of things to do in Namibia, but there is no shortage of places to swing a club in this desert environment.  While you might imagine these spots to be nothing but one endless bunker, you will find...

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Cheetahs – When Fur Flies

Hailed as the quickest animals on earth, Cheetahs are also one of Africa’s fastest disappearing species, and there are only about 10 000 of these creatures left today. Human intervention in all its forms is responsible for this rapid decline of almost 90% in the last...

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Birdwatcher’s Paradise

Etosha National Park is a safari destination par excellence, particularly during the winter months, from May to September when water scarcity causes game species to congregate around the waterholes. Summer (November through to April) is the best time for bird watchers...

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Fame and Fashion – Nikola Conradie

Quietly spoken Namibian designer Nikola Conradie, from Windhoek, has been setting the catwalks alight with her home-brewed fashion over the last few years. Her rise to fame started with a childhood passion for fashion and a little girl’s love of dressing up, which...

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Head to Namibia for an Other-Worldly Experience

Many visitors to Namibia describe their experiences in the Namib Desert as ‘out of this world’ and they aren’t far wrong.   Recent photographs, released by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, show the Curiosity Mars rover photographing a sand dune on the red planet that...

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