Guest Farms are a popular option for those seeking accommodation in Namibia.  They are usually family run, friendly and relaxed and can be found near most of the major centers in the country.

There is no better way to experience a country than by interacting with the locals and you will find your hosts at a guest farm eager to share their knowledge, experience, travel tips and local folklore.  Should you be exploring Namibia on a self-drive adventure, especially in the rural areas, you will benefit greatly from the owners’ knowledge of the lie of the land and unique attractions, which you may otherwise have missed.

Guest farms are defined as farmhouses or manor houses, which have been converted to accommodate guests with public areas reserved for the exclusive use of guests and activities specific to that farm.  A dairy farm might offer cheese making as an activity while a game farm would provide game drives, for example.

There is a wide variety of guest farms to choose from in Namibia, so do explore your options thoroughly before making a decision.  No establishment is allowed to operate unless it has been inspected and graded by the Namibia Tourist Board so you can be assured of quality, comfort and hospitality when selecting a destination from the huge range available. 

Naturally, you will have your own expectations of the kind of facilities you require and you will be able to select from very basic accommodation to five-star luxury as well as a numerous activities in a price range to suit your requirements.

It is worth noting that a small number of farms are predominantly German speaking and you will not get the most out of your visit at one of these establishments unless you can converse in German.  Check every aspect before booking to make sure that you find the perfect guest farm for your travel needs.

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