Arebbusch Travel Lodge Wins A PMR “Diamond Arrow” Award For 2021

Arebbusch Travel Lodge has again risen to the top of its field by scooping a prestigious Diamond Arrow classification from PMR Africa.

These awards recognize Africa’s industry leaders by awarding them according to specific criteria. The categories are as follows:

  • Silver Arrow for companies that achieve significant impacts in business
  • Golden Arrow to acknowledge businesses that implement significant local investment initiatives
  • Diamond Arrow for those companies that attract foreign investment, create employment, and participate in considerable social upliftment

Despite the difficult circumstances faced by the tourism industry over the last two years, Arebbusch Travel Lodge has once again earned a Diamond Arrow from this prestigious organization. is a leader in the field of providing business information throughout southern Africa and works to create opportunities for service providers who excel in the areas of conferencing and function services.

Their annual awards were first awarded over 30 years ago and set in place to recognize those establishments who’ve embraced these opportunities and maintained excellent standards throughout the year.

The awards comprise an extensive research process carried out by prominent business owners,  managers, MDs, CEOs, and directors, as well as government officials.

The procedure involves taking respondent perception into account when deciding on the recipients of these awards, with a high emphasis on customer service and customer satisfaction.

The ratings are scored according to a scale from 1 (poor) to 5 (outstanding) and include criteria like:

  • Levels of managerial expertise
  • Implementation of corporate governance
  • Enhancing the economic growth and development of Namibia
  • Brand awareness
  • Innovation levels

Previously, Arebbusch Travel Lodge received a Golden Arrow rating from in 2018 and 2019, rising to Diamond status in 2020. The management is delighted that their efforts have paid off once again in 2021.

With events happening throughout the year across southern Africa, Arebbusch Travel Lodge was proud to be chosen as the host for the Windhoek awards ceremony, which comprised a swish breakfast function and hosted prominent Namibian dignitaries as well as the esteemed delegation from

The marketing management team of Arebbusch Travel Lodge, comprising Lizé Ackermann (Customer Relationship Manager), Robert Nienaber (Chief Marketing Officer), Madely Vries (Head of Conferences and Functions), and Abigail Cloete (Customer Relationship Manager) were thrilled to receive the award on behalf of their colleagues.

It’s a true credit to all of Arebbusch Travel Lodge’s loyal employees that they’ve managed to maintain their motivation and momentum to provide superior guest experiences, despite ongoing challenges in the travel industry.

The Diamond Arrow award is of particular significance to Arebbusch Travel Lodge since the “competitiveness effectiveness excellence, leadership, resilience … customer service and customer satisfaction,” at the heart of these awards correspond closely with the team’s own ideals.

Arebbusch Travel Lodge thanks all its guests, colleagues, and customers for their support in achieving this highly cherished award.


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