Going Solar at Arebbusch Travel Lodge in Windhoek

Going Solar at Arebbusch

When you check in to your Windhoek Accommodation at Arebbusch Travel Lodge, you’ll know that you’re in an eco-friendly resort straight away. The immaculate gardens, indigenous bush and abundant birdlife are a dead giveaway.

Leading the Way

This leading Windhoek accommodation provider has figured out the magic formula for offering a tranquil natural environment just minutes from the bustling city centre.

There’s more to Arebbusch Travel Lodge’s ‘econess’ than indigenous gardens and wildlife though. The lodge already has water saving, energy efficiency and recycling programs in place. The latest environmentally friendly initiative is the addition of a N$4,6m 204kWp solar-powered installation.

The 640 photovoltaic panels are strategically placed among the acacia trees near the campground where they are exposed to Namibia’s abundant sunlight all day. What’s more, for maximum effect, the installation is mounted on a horizontal weighting system that follows the movement of the sun. This is a first for an accommodation establishment in Windhoek, Namibia.

Despite the high cost of this environmentally friendly installation, the saving on energy bills is considerable. The system should pay for itself within 5 years although it’s guaranteed for 25.

Solar power now provides for 93% of the lodge’s energy requirements. The laundry and restaurant at Arebbusch Travel Lodge run entirely on solar power.

New app technology keeps Arebbusch abreast of power provision

Resort manager, John Williams, is able to track the performance of the installation by means of an app which provides power provision figures for up to a year at a time. This makes it easy for him to compare outputs and monitor the system. He is delighted with what he has seen so far.

According to Jonathan Swart, operational manager of Alensy Alternative Energy Systems, Arebbusch Travel Lodge is the first company to install a commercial system of this kind.
Throughout Africa, the tourism industry has been slow to adopt solar power with only a few hotels and accommodation providers making the switch at this level.

Arebbusch Travel Lodge is proud to be a leader in the field of eco-tourism in Namibia and continues to seek ways to operate in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Get in touch today to make a booking and experience our new solar powered system and eco-friendly environment for yourself. We can’t wait to show it off to you.



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