There have been few blog posts dedicated to extreme sports in Namibia before – this is because there is something about the surreal and stark scenery of Namibia and the Namib Desert that makes people want to put themselves to the test.

Long distance or endurance events in Namibia are quite popular, however if you are considering making such an part of your trip to Namibia then you should start training months in advance, preparing mind, body and soul for this type of adventure, because it’s not just about fitness when you are running in the desert…

Below are some of the more popular runs: 

The Rock:  The rock referred to in this desert challenge is the Spitzkoppe, which is in the Namib. For this particular challenge various options are available, you can cycle or run or do both, there are also a number of different distance options to match varying fitness levels.

100km in Namib:  This race is very much what the name implies, a run of 100 km through the Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert.  Usually done in December this is a serious endurance challenge, the days are very hot while the nights are very cold. The appeal of course is in the incredible landscapes the Sossusvlei has to offer.

Namib Desert Challenge: You may still be trying to get your head around the 100km in Namib, but Namibian endurance challenges have more to offer – this is a 228 km run through the desert. This race is considered one of the toughest races on earth, only 80 people may participate.  You have to carry all your own provisions on this race, so be prepared!

24 hour ultra-marathon:  This 126 kilometre route takes you through the breathtaking Skeleton Coast

The Fish River Marathon and Cycle:  This race offers running and cycling disciplines as well as different distance options, including an option for horse riding.

Fish River Challenge:  This race gives you 24 hours in which to run 100km

Aussenkehr Desert Extreme Trail Run:  A 100km run over 3 days on the banks of the Orange River.

Non-runners may find it difficult to imagine the appeal of any of the above options, but as those road and trail hardened junkies know all too well there is a special kind of high that comes with endurance events.

Namibia offers landscapes that may be extreme, but it is this fact that also makes it one of the most picturesque areas you can visit. 

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