The Fish River Hiking Trail is one of the most famous hikes in Southern Africa.  The hike winds in and out of the second largest canyon in the world and while it is certainly not for the unfit and unprepared, the rewards are remarkable.  A hiker could easily feel like they (and their hiking group) are the last people on earth.  The scenery is breathtaking and spectacular with the canyon walls rising almost 200 metres above you.

There is no fixed trail but a number of different footpaths, therefore the hiker has a little bit of freedom to decide on the exact route, and for how long, they wish to hike.

This is the kind of hike that can make or break relationships, lead to great epiphanies and inspire life changing decisions.  The walk is nearly 90 kilometres, mostly on the riverbed, and usually takes around four to five days to complete.  It is cut off and even small emergencies can be quite a big deal when you are into your first 20 or so kilometres.  Therefore a medical form must be completed by a doctor to check that you are in good health to undertake this trip.  Hikers will be carrying all their own food, water and equipment.

The hike can only be done from the middle of April to the middle of September, that is, in winter. In summer the risk of rain and flash floods is too high.  In winter the river is more of a chain of long and narrow pools.

Once this rigorous rite of passage is completed, when you have pulled off your hiking boots and can finally sit down, make sure it is in one of the many luxury accommodation options in Namibia – to rest your weary feet and recover.  Those who have been on intensive hikes like this one, know all too well that sometimes it is the thought of a glass of champagne and a bubble bath that gets you through the last few days.

Contact us for more information about the Fish River Canyon hike or for assistance in booking a guided hike.

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