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Safaris in Nambia

What is a safari? In the past, the word “safari” would conjure up images of colonials in pith helmets swigging gin and tonics while hunting big game. A safari today is a popular way of seeing a country because it is planned around the best tourist sights and allows the traveller to cover large distances in a short space of time.

Namibia is one of the best African countries to see on safari as the terrain is so diverse, ranging from the red sand dunes of Sossusvlei to the misty seascapes of the Skeleton coast.

When visiting Namibia, you can choose to do a self-drive safari where you can explore the country at your own pace without the constraints of guides and strict itineraries. Alternatively, there are many tour companies in Namibia who can put together a guided safari package for individuals and groups.

The advantages of a guided safari is that tourists are guided by locals who have expert knowledge of the best destinations to visit, the wildlife, the language and customs of the people. Guidance extends to information about wildlife, photography tips, safety and advice on food and wine.  Guests receive individual attention from guides and are offered insight and information that self-drive safaris do not offer.  Whichever option you choose, exploring Namibia by safari is the best way to explore this magnificent country.

What makes Namibia unique?  It is probably its’ stark habitats, remote communities and dramatic landscapes.  It is unique as it offers such diversity to visitors. You can see the endangered black rhino in Damaraland, watch the icy Atlantic wave’s crash against the whale bones on the Skeleton Coast, visit a Himba family in Kaokoland and enjoy a champagne breakfast in one of Windhoek’s upmarket hotels – all in one holiday package.

By taking a safari in Namibia you are guaranteed a lift-time experience. Where else in the world are you offered such a diverse holiday experience?


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