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Windhoek Points of Interest Near Arebbusch Travel Lodge

Arebbusch Travel Lodge puts you at the center of the action during a visit to Windhoek. Located close to the city, this tranquil lodge is perfectly situated for a quiet getaway that offers easy access for onward travel and many of the most interesting Windhoek points of interest.

Don’t miss these interesting attractions and activities during a stay at Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

Hosea Kutako International Airport

Hosea Kutako International Airport is likely your first port of call if you’re travelling to Namibia from afar. This acclaimed travel hub welcomes almost a million travelers every year from regional and international airports.

Hosea Kutako International Airport is 48.3 km from Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

Eros Airport

Eros Airport manages all domestic flights to Windhoek and oversees over two hundred flights per day. An efficient bus service assists passengers travelling between Eros Airport and the city as well as Hosea Kutako International Airport.

Eros Airport is 4 km from Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

Lady Pohamba Private Hospital

This COHSASA Accredited healthcare facility offers a comprehensive range of medical services, surgeries, maternal care, and emergency services. It is located on the outskirts of Windhoek within the prestigious Hilltop Estate Medical Precinct.

Lady Pohamba Private Hospital is 2.9 km from Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

Windhoek Golf Course

Windhoek’s 18-hole Golf Course occupies seventy-two hectares of pristine Namibian bushveld, enhanced by lush greens and fairways. The course offers a plush clubhouse, hotel, conference facilities, and a casino for post-game enjoyment.

Windhoek Golf Course is 2.8 km from Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

Farm Windhoek

Farm Windhoek

Farm Windhoek is a mixed-used recreational and agricultural property offering excellent opportunities for mountain biking and hiking. The trails span over seventy kilometers and the Farm is also the site of several exciting mountain biking and running events.

Farm Windhoek is 4 km from Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

Grove Mall of Namibia

The Grove Mall occupies 55 000 square meters and offers more than one hundred high-end retail outlets, food stores, and supermarkets. It regularly hosts art and trade exhibitions, offers children’s entertainment, and workshops, and has a movie theatre.

The Grove Mall is 2.8 km from Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

Maerua Mall

The third largest shopping mall in Namibia, Maerua Mall offers great entertainment for all the family with shopping galore, a climbing wall, trampolining, ten pin bowling and glow in the dark golf.

Maerua Mall is 5.3 km from Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

iFun Playpark

iFun Family Entertainment offers a whirlwind of activities for all ages. Onsite facilities include water slides and play areas, mini golf, indoor and outdoor kiddies entertainment centers, party venue, a kiosk, bar, and braai areas. Windhoek Go-Karting, located with the playpark offers karting rides in German-engineered Rimo Go Karts around an outdoor, Monaco style track

iFun Playpark is 1.1km from Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

Hage Geingob Rugby Stadium

The Hage Geingob Stadium is home to the Namibian National side as well as the Welwitschias and regularly hosts both local and international rugby matches. The stadium seats 12 000 people and is a festive place to catch a game and enjoy some traditional match day food.

Hage Geingob Rugby Stadium is 1.2 km from Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

Sport Klub Windhoek

Sport Klub Windhoek is Namibia’s largest sports venue offering facilities for football, archery, skittles, and tennis. It’s also the site of a fun filled annual Beerfest and many casual as well as league matches.

Sport Klub Windhoek is 800 m from Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

DTS Sports Club Windhoek

The Deutscher Turn -und Sportverein – known as the DTS, has been around since 1961 and is the premier sporting venue in Namibia. It regularly hosts tournaments in tennis, beach volleyball, field hockey, inline-hockey, and an active football academy.

DTS Sports Club Windhoek is 1.2 km from Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

Trustco United Field

Trustco United Field is a cricket ground. When it’s not hosting international and national matches, it’s also the home of 10-a-side and women’s league rugby in Namibia and regularly hosts junior football league games.

Trustco United Field is 1.9 km from Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

Windhoek Paintball / Action Arena

The Action arena has been the site of thrilling airsoft and paintball matchups for the last ten years. It’s a fun-filled place to blow off some steam, enjoy team building activities, or keep the kids entertained.

Windhoek Paintball / Action Arena is 1.3 km from Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

Windhoek Municipal Swimming Pool (Olympia)

Olympia Swimming Pool is just the place to get your laps in or relax on a hot Windhoek day. The venue offers two cold water pools and is open all year round except during June and July. 

The Olympia Municipal Swimming Pool is 1.2 km from Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

Alte Feste

Dating back to 1890, the Old Fortress is a national monument located on Robert Mugabe Avenue. Once an important military building, it’s now a dedicated State Museum, displaying artefacts related to the history of Namibia before Independence. 

Alte Feste is 5.9 km from Arebbusch Travel Lodge.


The Christuskirche is an architectural masterpiece which was consecrated in 1910. It has an attractive neo-Romanic design with touches of Art Noveau. The names of those who died in the colonial wars are etched on a plaque inside and the church still holds services (in German) every Sunday.

Christuskirche is 6.1 km from Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

Independence Museum

The Independence Museum commemorates Namibia’s struggle to end colonialism and achieve independence. It’s filled with interesting memorabilia from the armed liberation struggle and features a restaurant with a view on the fourth floor.

Independence Museum is 6.2 km from Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

The National Art Gallery

Founded in 1990 the National Art Gallery is state-owned and houses a permanent exhibition of Namibian, African and European Art. The Gallery is a showcase for Namibia’s visual arts and hosts a collection of exhilarating exhibitions.

The National Art Gallery of Namibia is 7.3 km from Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

Namibia Craft Centre

This is an excellent place to pick some mementos of your trip to Namibia all in one place. You can admire art, pottery, clothing, and jewelry all created by local craftsmen, and catch a bite to eat at the onsite coffee shop.

Namibia Craft Centre is 5.3 km from Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

Heroes Acre

Heroes Acres is located a little way outside Windhoek and is the official war memorial of Namibia. It serves as a cemetery for national heroes and commemorates all those who’ve died in service of their country.

Heroes Acre is 6 km from Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

Central Tennis Courts

Windhoek Central Tennis Club offers eight outdoor solid surface tennis courts where you can challenge your friends to a game or sharpen your skills with a tennis lesson. Club members take may take part in the Namibia Tennis Association (NTA) tournaments and enjoy regular social get togethers.

The Central Tennis Courts are 1.7 km from Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

Windhoek Independence Stadium

Independence Stadium is a popular venue for rugby and football matches as well as large social gatherings and festivals. It’s the scene of the annual Jazz Festival in Windhoek, enjoyed by thousands of music fans.

Windhoek Independence Stadium is 1.1 km from Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

National Botanical Gardens

The National Botanical Gardens incorporate twelve hectares of green space within the city. They’re an excellent place to rest and relax while admiring Namibia’s indigenous floral abundance. The gardens double as a training facility for botany students and are home to a wide variety of birds.

The National Botanical Gardens are 6.9 km from Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

Equitrails Namibia

Equitrails offers wilderness horseback trails for all levels of rider as well as riding lessons. You can enjoy champagne breakfast rides, picnic rides, and sundowner rides at this facility and it’s open all year round.

Equitrails Namibia is 23.3 km from Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

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