Sometimes it feels like no matter how remote your destination, you just cannot get rid of Apple, Facebook and the ‘real world.’  One way to guarantee everybody unplugs, is a rafting trip in Namibia. You can be sure of no cell phone signal as you navigate the rapids and river tides of the Orange and Kunene rivers, watching the birdlife and the magnificent scenery stretch out in front of you.

Felix Unite is the main river tour operator in Namibia, offering trips on the Breede, Cunene and Orange rivers.  There are a number of options to suit all tastes. 

Days will be spent in your canoe, provided by Felix Unite, paddling down the river, and nights are spent on the riverbank, depending on the weather and surroundings either in tents or sleeping out under the stars.

The Orange River trip options may be more palatable to beginners, although you do not need to be experienced as the guides provide all the necessary training. 

The Orange River trips have grade 1 and 2 rapids which tend to be a bit less intimidating than the grade 3 and 4 rapids of the Cunene River.

There are a number of options for rafting on the Orange River:  four-day, 6-day and even one-day options are run throughout the year, with the most popular time being around Christmas and New Year. 

Orange River trips generally start at Camp Provenance in Noordoewer, a town in Southern Namibia where various accommodation options are available, ranging from luxury holiday suites to tented accommodation and charming little wood and thatch cabanas.

The Cunene River trip is called Rio Cunene and runs for 11 days on the remote section of the Cunene River that forms the border between Angola and Namibia.  This is for the adrenalin junkies who like the more hard-core rapids and who perhaps have some rafting experience.

A rafting trip down a Namibian river will allow you and your family to spend quality time again, get some adventure and recharge in nature. 

Watching the sunset over the Orange River as you set up camp, gliding past antelope and other game as they  watch you from the water’s edge, and the adrenalin rush that comes from going down rapids  are all the kind of experiences that stay with you, long after you leave Namibia.

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