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Arebbusch Travel Lodge ‐ Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer

Any person or guest who makes use of accommodation and/or any other facilities, as well as any person who enters these premises does so entirely at their own risk.

The owners, management and staff of Arebbusch Travel Lodge, accept no responsibility for any death of or injury to any person, or for any damages or loss to property occasioned in any manner whatsoever, whether arising from any form of negligence or from any other cause within or extraneous to the control of any aforementioned persons.


Booking, Payment and Cancellation Policy

A 100% confirmation deposit is required 30 days or more prior to either arrival to secure the booking. Should the confirmation deposit not be paid within the specified period and no other arrangement is made with Arebbusch Travel Lodge in writing, the reservation will be cancelled without further notice.

Orders are only valid if issued by an approved account holder/government department. Orders must stipulate clearly what services are to be rendered and must be received prior to arrival.

  • +30 days prior to arrival – 10% cancellation fee
  • 30 – 15 days prior to arrival – 25% cancellation fee
  • 14 – 8 days prior to arrival – 50% cancellation fee
  • 7 – 4 days prior to arrival – 65% cancellation fee
  • 3 – 0 days prior to arrival – 100% cancellation fee
  • No shows and early departures – 100% cancellation fee

Unless the client is an approved account holder or government department with an approved order, all outstanding amounts must be settled upon arrival and any additional charges incurred during the stay must be paid at the time of check‐out. Any items not covered by the order must be paid for by the client on the same terms. Discount may not be given unless prior arrangement has been made with management.



Arebbusch Travel Lodge provides accommodation as a Rest Camp. Accordingly, the accommodation areas are “No Noise Zones”. No noise, which constitutes a nuisance to or disturbance of any guest of the Lodge, will be tolerated. The Lodge reserves the right to forthwith cancel the accommodation or visitation agreement between the Lodge and any/or all guests who do not heed to a request from management to maintain an acceptable noise level. In such event, the said guest(s) will forfeit any deposit or amount paid for accommodation or visitation and will be expected to leave within 30 minutes of being requested to do so. The management of Arebbusch Travel Lodge reserve the right to determine what constitutes an “acceptable level of noise”.


I.T.C & Collection Costs

Should any amount of monies owed to Arebbusch Travel Lodge be defaulted on, Arebbusch Travel Lodge reserves the right to forward the account to I.T.C for blacklisting. The client will be held responsible for all legal costs and collection costs.



All persons who enter these premises make use of the accommodation and all of these facilities provided by Arebbusch Travel Lodge, entirely at their own risk. The Lodge, its owners, management and staff specifically accept no responsibility or liability for any losses sustained by the guests or visitors as a result of theft.



Smoking is strictly prohibited in all of the accommodation units. Contravention will result in a fine being levied to the guests account.



Pets are not allowed in the accommodation units but alternative housing arrangements can be made subject to prior arrangement with management.


Speed Limit

Vehicles are not permitted to exceed a speed of 20km/h.


Shuttle Service

Any person that makes use of the Arebbusch Travel Lodge transport service does so entirely at their own risk. The owners, management and staff of Arebbusch Travel Lodge accept no responsibility for any death of or injury to any person, or for any damages to or loss of property, resulting from this service.


Check‐Out Time

All guests are kindly reminded that check‐out time is 10:00 am, unless prior arrangement has been made with management. Management reserves the right to enforce the above. Should it become necessary to move a guest’s belongings as result of a late check‐out, the Lodge, its owners, management and staff specifically accept no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage done to the aforementioned belongings.


Accommodation Unit Contents

Guests will be required to pay for missing or broken items in the accommodation units.


Ablution blocks

The ablution blocks for campers and caravaners are cleaned daily: Please leave them in the state you would like to find them in.



The utmost is done to provide you with a clean and pleasant environment. PLEASE DO NOT LITTER – ample refuse containers have been provided.



Firewood is available at reception. The utilization of firewood from the Natural Environment is strictly prohibited and persons ignoring this instruction will be required to leave the Lodge without compensation or refund.


Telephone fee structure

Telephone – Telephone costs are not included in the price of the accommodation and must be paid for at the time of check‐out. Telephone costs are calculated in units. The rate per units is N$ 1.50. The number of units charged is based on the duration and the destination of the call. In addition, a 3 unit (or N$4.50) service charge is automatically levied on all telephone calls made. Therefore, the minimum amount that a telephone call can cost is N$6.00 / 1 unit‐ N$ 1.50 plus service charge 3 units – N$ 4.50.



It is undertaken that the utmost will be done to ensure that the best possible care is taken of all guest’s laundry, however Arebbusch Travel Lodge cannot be held responsible for any loss and/or damage done to articles of clothing.

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