Banish The Northern Hemisphere Winter Blues With A Trip To Namibia

Sunrise At Spitzkoppe | Attractions in Namibia

Banish The Northern Hemisphere Winter Blues with a Trip to Namibia

Enjoy an unforgettable southern summer this year and every year!

Are you dreading the endless snow shoveling and struggling to light reluctant fires? Do you cringe at the thought of short, dim, overcast days, cold, dark, nights, and trudging through the melting sludge wherever you go?

See the light this winter with a trip to Namibia, where long golden days slip onto balmy star-spangled nights, and even the clear, fresh air is alive with summer vitality.

The only fire you need light during your trip to Namibia is of the campfire or BBQ variety and (if you hurry) you could get to experience the novelty of an African Christmas in the height of summer.

A Trip to Namibia is Just What the Doctor Ordered

There’s no need to worry about winter flu when you visit the land of almost perpetual summer. Namibia boasts over 300 sunny days per year, enough to send any opportunistic viruses scuttling for colder climes.

Studies show that sunshine is vital in the formation of Vitamin D, responsible for maintaining a healthy immune system and good bone health. Vitamin D also boosts your blood cells and perks up your immunity, helping your body make the most of phosphorous and calcium.

Ever wondered why sunny days fill you with feelings of joy and renewal? Sunshine prompts the brain to create serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of well-being. It’s the same effect you get from eating chocolate, without the calories.

Sunlight also helps reset your body clock, so you sleep better after a sunny day, especially if you get to watch a glowing Namibian sunrise, as it happens. Some studies have linked early morning sunlight exposure to weight loss too.

Sunshine is always better in small doses, and Namibia gets very hot at times, so remember to protect your skin with sunscreen while enjoying the Namibian climate and wear sunglasses to shield your eyes from the brilliance.

Not only does the sunshine offer plenty of mental and physical health-boosting benefits, but it’s also perfect for outdoor adventures.

Enjoy Namibia at its best in Summer

Although you’re best-off enjoying time in the cool depths of a pool during the hottest hours of the day, there’s nothing like venturing out to climb the towering dunes of the Sossusvlei in the still hours after first light.

The Deadvlei white clay pan dazzles with its stark dead trees reaching out from a long-dried riverbed, while Etosha National Park shines with its abundance of wild creatures all day long.

Here, in this premier wildlife destination, you can catch up with lion, wild dog, cheetah, and masses of plains game and cast your eyes over a vast shimmering salt pan in one of the largest national parks in Africa.

Etosha boasts some of the best nightlife in Namibia, with floodlit water holes providing around the clock sightings of rare nocturnal beasts.

No trip to Namibia is complete without exploring the depths of the Namib Desert, one of the world’s oldest showcases of sand, awash with shipwrecks, ghost towns and minute desert-adapted creatures.

For a dose of seaside charm, historical architecture, and non-stop fun, head for the laid-back coastal town of Swakopmund, hailed as Africa’s adventure capital.

Here you can trawl the dunes on a dune bike, slide down them on a sandboard, travel onboard a camel or a horse Arabian-style, or swoop down from the clear blue heavens while skydiving.

You’ll also find abundant opportunities to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean’s finest seafood while overlooking the waves or enjoy jovial times while munching traditional German fare accompanied by fine lagers.

Catch up with ancient history at Twyfelfontein with its excellent specimens of rock art, climb the Spitzkoppe for kicks, or venture into the depths of the Fish River Canyon on a hike.

If you’d like to see a side of Namibia you never thought existed, the Caprivi Strip will astonish you with its lush greenery and riverine scenes alive with Africa’s most sought-after species.

Windhoek is a delight, offering quaint craft shops, traditional cuisine, lovely gardens, and historic sights. As the gateway to Namibia from abroad, Windhoek offers a solid infrastructure, fine dining, and activities for all ages.

Stop off in this portal to all the best Namibia has to offer with a few days at the popular Arebbusch Travel Lodge, where you’re bound to feel at home while you gear up for onward travel.

Arebbusch offers abundant accommodation configurations, flexible bed and breakfast arrangements, a first-class a la carte restaurant, and a pizzeria for both dine-in and takeaway meals.

Leave Your Winter Woes Behind

Whether it’s the cold weather, endless snow, or tedium of the familiar that’s getting you down about the Northern Hemisphere winter, Namibia offers a cure.

It’s not too late to plan your summer escape for this year, next year or the one thereafter – browse our travel blog and travel planner for all the best tips and advice on how to make the most of your trip to Namibia, and get in touch to book your accommodation right away.

Please Note: The details shared herein were correct at the time of publishing. However, with time some of this information may change. We recommend confirming information with suppliers prior to making final travel arrangements. If you do happen to find an issue with any information we’ve shared here, please feel free to contact us so that we can make the relevant changes.


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