DIY Holidays – Self-Catering Establishments in Namibia

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A self-catering establishment is described as ‘having a fully equipped kitchen for the exclusive use of guests staying in the unit’. Suitable equipment and utensils are provided to enable guests to prepare and cook their own meals, as well as enough crockery and cutlery to cater to the number of people which the unit can accommodate.

Self-catering options are available over a wide price range and in a variety of configurations. Some resorts have a restaurant onsite to enable cooks to enjoy a night off from their labours and some of these even provide room service.

Hundreds of self-catering establishments are to found all over Namibia from seaside villages to the national parks. Some of the game park accommodation has special rates for guests who would prefer to have breakfast, dinner, or both, in the restaurant as well as enjoying the option to cook their own meals.

Although doing your own cooking might not be everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to holidaying, there are some benefits to choosing the self-catering option when selecting accommodation in Namibia.

  • From a cost perspective, self-catering options are usually cheaper than hotel or lodge accommodation.
  • If you have special dietary needs or eating habits, self-catering accommodation allows you to plan and cook your own meals. 
  • If you would like to try a range of different dining experiences during your stay without the limitations of a dining hall and set menu self-catering is the way to go.
  • Perhaps you do not enjoy eating breakfast or lunch and would prefer the option to forego these meals without having to pay for them.
  • Set meal times do not always fit in with your day’s activities.
  • Perhaps you are just not a big eater and cannot justify the expense of paying for a three course meal.
  • If you have small children, self-catering accommodation removes the stress of dealing with their odd hours of eating or fussy habits. Some children can insist on eating nothing but cereal or chocolate biscuits for days on end.
  • A traditional African barbeque is just not the same unless you do it yourself.

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