Are we doing enough to help save the cheetah?


Cheetahs are vanishing off the face of the earth almost as fast as they can run, and if we don’t do something soon we will be holding elections for a new fastest land mammal before too long.

While Namibia has had enormous conservation successes over the years and currently boasts the largest population of cheetah worldwide this is not enough. The cheetah needs your help and it needs it now.

Cheetah numbers have declined by over 50% percent since 1975 and continue to plummet but thanks to organisations like the CCF (Cheetah Conservation Fund), it is not too late to save them.

The main obstacles that the species faces is loss of habitat and conflict with farmers who are trying to make a living from livestock farming in areas where cheetahs roam wild. The CCF works with farmers to increase the viability of cheetahs living amongst these farmers, as over two-thirds of the world’s remaining cheetahs exist outside of protected areas.

What can you do to help save the cheetah?

Very simply, getting money into the right hands ensures that resources can be purchased to continue the fight against cheetah extinction. Every cent really does count and so does every second.

There are no restrictions on the things you can do (within the law) and here are just a few suggestions:

  • Speak up! – Learn more about these amazing animals and tell everyone you meet to get stuck in and help
  • Celebrate International Cheetah Day on 4 December every year
  • Campaign amongst your friends to raise funds for cheetah conservation in Namibia, and make a donation yourself
  • Have cake sales, hold a raffle, sell kisses if you like – but raise funds for these worthy charities however you can
  • Support the CCF selfie program
  • Buy Cheetah Country Beef and braai it on Bushbloks (biomass logs)
  • Shop for gifts and souvenirs at the online cheetah charity shop

What are the funds used for?

All the money raised by these charities is ploughed straight back into cheetah conservation with worthwhile programs such as:

  • Educating the next generation of farmers about the importance of conservation and the preservation of natural habitats
  • Working with the community to reduce conflict among humans and wildlife
  • Breeding caring for and training specialised herd dogs which are used to drive predators away from livestock without harming them
  • Marketing and promoting of cheetah-conservation and related products
  • Creating awareness of the need for cheetah conservation
  • Anti-poaching activities to eradicate snares and traps which inadvertently result in cheetah losses
  • Putting a stop to the illegal wildlife trade
  • Research into cheetah behaviour and habitats
  • Developing eco-friendly tourist lodges to showcase our amazing species and spread the love

Want to get more hands-on?

If you would rather get stuck right in you can choose one of the following:

  • Volunteer for an internship at a cheetah conservation centre where you will help to feed the animals, look after their enclosures, assist with general maintenance, and eventually take guests on guided tours of the facility.
  • Take a tour of a cheetah centre yourself, enjoy lunch at the onsite restaurants, watch the cheetahs on their daily runs or at mealtimes, but most importantly – interact with the conservationists there and become passionate about cheetah conservation.
  • Support our National Parks who in turn pump money into the conservation of threatened species. During your safari you will learn to appreciate Africa and all her creatures.

It all starts with a trip to Windhoek, Namibia from where you can branch out to enjoy our wonderful Southern African wildlife.


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