Fishing in Namibia

Fishing in Namibia

Namibia is a hotspot for anglers with thousands of fishermen flocking to the coast in search of something for the record books.  The most popular angling spots are: 

  • The area between Paaltjies and the Northern boundary of Sandwich Harbour
  • The coastal strip from Henties Bay to Swakopmund
  • Dorab National Park (extending from North of Swakopmund to the Ugab River)
  • Mile 8, 72, 108 and Mile 14 Beach Resort
  • Die Drom at Wlotzkasbaken
  • Jakkalsputz
  • Bennie se Rooi Lorrie
  • Sarah se Gat
  • Torra Bay
  • Terrance Bay

The most popular time for fishing is when the waters warm up after winter and you will find that accommodation in Namibia is overrun with fisherman from November until March every year.

They come to do battle with the kabeljou, galjoen, blacktail and west coast steenbras. These fish all put up a good fight and grow to enormous sizes making them sought after targets as well as delicious to eat.  There is nothing more rewarding for an angler than relaxing alongside the fire, grilling his catch of the day after hours of waiting patiently for a nibble.

Sharks are another species on the hit-list for anglers visiting Namibia and these tyrants of the sea provide a challenge to even the most experienced fisherman. Spotted gully sharks, cow sharks and smooth hound sharks are caught year round, but the most sought after is the copper shark, and the best time to catch them is from November to May.  Sharks are protected in Namibia and all sharks must be returned to the ocean unharmed and alive after the day’s sport.

Although not as popular as sea angling, freshwater angling is also undertaken in Namibia.  Hardap Dam, stocked with Mozambique tilapia, small-mouth yellowfish, Orange River mudfish, sharp-tooth catfish, moggel and carp, is the most popular fresh water angling spot in Namibia.  The Von Bach Dam, outside Okahandja is also gaining in popularity and large-mouth bass, barbel, carp, small-mouth yellowfish and blue kurper can be caught here. Friedenau and Naute Dams are also worthwhile inland angling options. 

Please Note: The details shared herein were correct at the time of publishing. However, with time some of this information may change. We recommend confirming information with suppliers prior to making final travel arrangements. If you do happen to find an issue with any information we’ve shared here, please feel free to contact us so that we can make the relevant changes.


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