Hiking and Trekking In Namibia

Hiking & Trekking in Namibia

An experienced hiker once told me that the greatest joy of hiking is checking into your hotel or luxury accommodation afterwards. Nothing makes a person appreciate a hot bath or a comfortable bed quite as much as five days of trekking through the wilderness, carrying all you need for survival on your back.

Namibia is a country with ample hiking options, and even more options for accommodation, so be sure to book your luxury accommodation in Windhoek for the post-trek recovery. 

Now that the reward has been discussed, let’s look at overnight hikes in Namibia. There are a number of options which include the famous seven day Fish River Canyon hike, a five day Desert Experience Hike in the Namib and the four day Naukluft Mountain Trek, which is the hike focussed on in this post.

Naukluft means narrow ravine and it is a mountain range with many hiking options, including day hikes for those not quite up to the full commitment.  The Mountain Trek involves four days of walking and a day of travel on either side. 

Hikers need to be fit and prepared for this trip, a total of 58km are covered over the four days and there are steep inclines and descents that require a certain level of experience.  The views however do make it all worthwhile.

There is overnight accommodation on the way; generally rustic stone built huts with no hot water or showers, except for the overnight stay on the second day of walking.  The Ubusis Hut used to be holiday cottages before the land became property of the reserve, so this comes as a welcome surprise to hikers, especially after conquering the Ubusis Kloof.

The hike offers a number of exceptional scenic highlights, the views over the valley from about 300m up are a treat. By day three, the chances of spotting some animals like mountain zebra and kudu become very good. On day four you pass a waterfall and a number of beautiful springs to restore and rejuvenate tired bodies and defeated spirits.

Then, when all is said and done, you have walked the 58km, your feet are tired, you are dusty, dirty but happy (or not), a comfortable 4X4 comes to get you, drives you back to Windhoek where that special moment happens. You check into your luxury accommodation, soak in a hot bath, put on some clean clothes and crack an ice cold beer, rewarding yourself for a job well done – basking in that feeling of accomplishment.

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