Horse Safaris in Namibia – The best 4×4 by far

Namibia Safari

Namibia is the ideal country to explore on horseback; it is a veritable African wild west. The views from the saddle are phenomenal, and Namibia offers a wealth of different terrains to traverse on horseback. Horse safaris are offered all over the country including in the Namib Desert, along the skeleton coast and in the Fish River Canyon.

The odd elephant, rhino or cheetah on the horizon is an added bonus for nature-loving horse folk but Namibian horse safaris are by no means a wildlife extravaganza. Riders from all over the world sign up for these safaris to ride, and to ride hard.

Eight hours of riding takes place every day on these adventures and they are suitable only for competent, fit riders. The less experienced rider can sign up for the more gentle horse trails on offer. Some operations even offer facilities and entertainment for non-riding partners who would like to accompany their equestrian counterparts on their holiday.

The horses are fit and hardy with friendly calm natures. They are capable of withstanding the punishment dished out to them on these rides and know what is required of them.

The most popular breeds used to carry customers across the wilderness of Namibia are Arabians, boerperd crosses and part bred warmblood horses. These mounts are chosen for their intelligence, sure-footedness and stamina – not for their looks.

Professional experienced guides lead the rides, ensuring the safety of both riders and horses, and guiding them on the most scenic and enjoyable routes.

Camping, lodge accommodation or a mixture of both are offered for participants in the horse safaris. Described as the best of both worlds by some adventurers, accommodation can vary from extreme luxury for some of your safari, to sleeping under the stars on other nights. The luxury options can include chalets or permanent tents with en-suite bathrooms and private decks, a dining area, bar, swimming pool and sun deck.

Flexible by nature and necessity, Horse Safaris cater to a wide range of tastes with one goal – an experience, far from the usual Namibian accommodation and safari packages.

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