Hotels in Namibia

Accommodation in Namibia

Tourism is big business and you will find accommodation in Namibia is of a good standard, having to comply with strict grading regulations put in place by the Namibia Tourism Board. Even the smallest town will have something to offer along the lines of a place to lay your head while touring and most of the major hotel groups are represented in the large centres such as Windhoek.

Hotels, offering the convenience of daily meals and a central location, are the favourite choice for travellers to Namibia and every medium-sized town will have at least one small hotel, often featuring the only bar and restaurant in town.

These smaller concerns are often family-owned and run, offering clean, basic rooms. The larger hotels such as the Hilton and Windhoek Country Club and Resort boast all the ‘bells and whistles’ one has come to expect from these luxury brands.

Naturally, the more exclusive and upmarket the hotel is, the more you can expect to pay for the privilege of staying there, but this is not to say that the less costly venues have little to offer. Smaller hotels, classified as having between ten and twenty rooms, are known as pensions and these establishments may provide a more intimate, personalised service than the larger hotels.

While Namibia was under the administration of South Africa prior to 1990, a good tourism infrastructure was put into place and these high standards continue to be upheld and even improved upon.

Namibia welcomes outside input when it comes to tourism and many hotel personnel are trained in South Africa and abroad. As a result, a number of three- and four- star hotels can be found in Windhoek.

Namibia still has an overriding German influence and you are likely to see German speciality dishes, with a touch of Namibian flair, on the menu of most hotels. 

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