Katatura Township Bicycle Tour – Windhoek, Namibia

Katutura Township Bicycle Tour

If you like to spend time in the saddle, you should take the opportunity to embark on a bicycle tour of the vibrant township of Katutura.  This will give you the chance to gain insight into the daily adventures taking place just beyond your luxury Windhoek accommodation. 

Once a blacks-only township, Katutura means the “The place where people do not want to live”, but today, sixty per cent of the people living in Windhoek willingly call this vibrant suburb home. 

You can find out why, as you take a guided tour pedalling through the narrow streets accompanied by boisterous children running alongside you, their laughter jingling in the air. 

The delicious aromas of the food markets and pungent cooking fires warrant further investigation, as does the cacophony from the busy Soweto Market and notorious Eveline Street with its glut of shebeens (bars), hairdressers and informal traders.

Your tour guide will coax you from these sites of self-indulgence, however, to areas of more noble pursuits such as the Kings Daughters Bicycle Shop, where you can mingle with the friendly women working there to empower themselves and peaceful Penduka where talented artists produce gorgeous Namibian crafts.  You may even get to visit the bustling meat market in Single Quarters and get to sample some Kaplan, which is braaied (barbecued) meat.

The tours are very flexible and varied and people of all fitness levels can take part, although they are not suitable for children under the age of fourteen.  If you would like to participate in this three and a half hour bicycle adventure, you can meet a guide at the Penduka Centre at Goreangab Dam.  A safety briefing takes place at 8am and the ride leaves at 8h30am daily.

Katutours takes place in cooperation with BicycleEmpowerment Network (BEN) and Penduka, which strive towards enlightening, enriching and empowering the women of Namibia, and the best part is that you will not leave even one carbon footprint behind.

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