Namibia: Taking a Trip Back in Time in the Brandberg Mountain

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As you plan your trip to Namibia, booking into guest houses in Windhoek and ensuring a place on a Namibia safari, there are a few must see sites to be added into your itinerary.  Some of these are the Sossusvlei area, the Skeleton Coast, the San conservancy at Nyae Nyae and the Brandberg Moutain in the Northwest of the Namib Desert.

The Brandberg is a spiritual site for many of the San people who live in the area, and today the site is famous for the strong concentration of San rock art found in the various rock overhangs, the most famous of these rock paintings is The White Lady.

The White Lady painting can be found at the foot of the Brandberg mountain in the Tsisab Ravine, there are many little rock overhangs and outcrops in this ravine and more than 45 000 paintings can be found here. 

The White Lady is a rather misleading name, as the so called ‘lady’ referred to seems actually to be a medicine man of sorts with his arms and legs painted white. Some rock art experts believe that the painting depicts a ritual dance, while others disagree and believe it represents a hunting scene due to the presence of bows and Oryx. 

If you have been to the Brandberg Mountain and seen the White Lady rock painting for yourself please comment on this blog to let us know what you think the painting depicts.

Other than the rock painting the Brandberg mountain is a fascinating site. As the oldest mountain in the world, it boasts archaeological sites that date back as far as 500 000 years. 

The mountain is made of granite that contains a mineral that is a reddish colour, thus the meaning of the name, Fire Mountain.

The geological features of this area can be dated as far back as 120 million years ago, about the same time as dinosaurs became extinct. 

The sense of ancient history is tangible in the area as visitors can see the stone artefacts, and visit the petrified forest of fossilized conifer trees that thrived in the area in a very different time and climate.

For those interested in the history of the human race and earth the Brandberg Mountain and its surrounds are well worth a visit. You can organise tours and trips with your hotel in Namibia and to ensure you include this visit into your itinerary.

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