Paragliding in Namibia

Paragliding Namibia

Namibia as a hot spot for extreme sports, it is after all an extreme country.  One of the many sports on offer here is paragliding.  Namibia is one of the world’s top paragliding destinations – so when you are planning your extreme sports holiday, be sure you book your Namibian accommodation to get your fix of floating up in the air, looking down on the incredible vistas of ocean and desert.

Swakopmund offers some of the safest paragliding options in the world – with the dunes in the south particularly popular.  One of the favourite spots is the dune belt between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. These dunes range from 230 to 498 feet tall and offer a good range of paragliding options for both beginners and for the more advanced.  The winds are fresh south-westerly.  To make sure you get the best winds book your Namibia stay between October and March, the optimal times for paragliding.

Paragliding should be done with a guide and tourists are warned against attempting to paraglide on their own. Even if you are experienced it is important to be with somebody who knows the country’s conditions and flying sites.  Half day introductory courses are available for newbies, as well as tandem flight with an instructor on your first trip out.  For those more advanced there is the option of the full day flights, or even a basic pilots license course.

The dunes are regulated to ensure safety and stop overcrowding.

It may seem a scary prospect, but once you are in Namibia why miss the opportunity to soar like an eagle over some of the most truly spectacular landscapes in the world.  Imagine catching an aerial view of a small group of Namibia’s elusive desert elephants, or spot a whale breaching as the southwester lifts you just that little higher to catch a better view of the ocean.

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