Permanent Tented Camps in Namibia

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You will find them everywhere – huddled on the outskirts of Etosha National Park, clustered together in private concessions, nestled on the banks of rivers and dams, perched on the mountainsides or basking in the desert sun. Permanent tented camps are a popular type of accommodation in Namibia.

The concept is simple; accommodation with a true African feel, plus the convenience and luxury of lodge accommodation. Guests can get in touch with the African bush, without having to forego their comforts, and without having to bring it all along with them.

Camping safaris originated in Kenya during the 1920’s and 30’s, but have since sprung up wherever travellers crave a camping experience without the hassles. Originally, camps were set up by staff members for a few days at a time before being moved to a different location.

Logistically, this proved impractical and expensive, and safari operators began to establish permanent tented camps instead. Here they could fine tune and enhance their offerings, without the inconvenience of transporting these luxuries through the bush every few days.

The thought of camping in the Namibian wilderness may not be everyone’s cup of tea around the camp-fire, but not all tents are created equal. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, you could find your canvas cocoon equipped with every possible luxury. Some camps offer private plunge pools, designer décor and solid teak furniture along with room service and gourmet dining.

In areas where constructing a five-star hotel is simply not practical or environmentally friendly, permanent tented camps allow guests access to remote areas while still enjoying a high-standard of accommodation. Most of these camps make use of renewable resources such as solar power, to ensure the comfort of their guests.

The majority of the permanent tented camps in Namibia are very luxurious, but more affordable options are also available. When choosing your tented safari, price is a good indication of how much luxury you can expect.

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