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For equestrians, searching for trail rides to enjoy is a first step when planning a holiday anywhere, any time. Horse riding offers a new perspective on your surroundings and is an excellent opportunity to get up close to wildlife when you head out on a safari ride.

It’s especially beneficial when visiting a city destination like Windhoek as it reveals beautiful places of unexpected natural diversity that you wouldn’t expect close to suburbia.

The best part about horse riding is that you don’t need any experience to enjoy it.

Is it Safe to Go Horse Riding?

As a species, horses are unpredictable, and horse riding at the higher levels can be dangerous. However, they’re also kind, patient, and gentle beings with infinite potential for training.

Trail horses are accustomed to beginner riders and trained to carry them patiently and safely throughout the ride. Yet, you’ll also find some more fiery beasts that ensure the more advanced riders enjoy the adrenaline rush they seek.

This mix of equine personalities means anyone can enjoy horse trails close to Windhoek, so your decidedly non-equestrian friend or family member can join in too.

Horse riding excursions vary from one hour to several days long and always take place under the auspices of experienced guides. They include well-worn bush trails among mountains and fields, or exciting free-range adventures among a variety of game species.

When you head out on a safari ride, you might encounter giraffes, zebra, rhinos, and plains antelope. These creatures don’t recognize the link between horses and humans, so they remain oblivious to your presence, even at close quarters.

Your hosts spend many long hours training their horses to behave calmly around game, and they won’t shy at them or become nervous in their presence. This ensures your safety at all times while out on a ride.

Why Should You Add Windhoek Horse Riding to Your Bucket List?

Apart from the chance to enjoy exceptional game-viewing opportunities, horseback riding has many physical and mental benefits.

There is a reason why horse riding is a highly acclaimed method of physical therapy. Sitting on a horse exercises your muscles without you experiencing much fatigue, so you can go much further on a horse.

Despite being a seemingly low-key activity, horse riding is excellent for your core muscles and legs. It’s a great way to improve your posture and your state of mind simply by sitting there.

Any time spent in nature is a good time, and the soothing rocking motion of a moving horse only amplifies the stress-busting benefits of outdoor activity.

Trail horses know their job, so when you embark on an amble along their usual route, there isn’t much steering involved at all. That gives you free rein to lap up the tranquility of your surroundings without having to worry too much about the complexities of guiding the horse yourself.

Where Can You Go Horse Riding Near Windhoek?

Despite the advent of motorization, you’ll still find people wherever you find horses and Windhoek is no exception. There are riding schools, competitive stables, and trail ride operators located close to the city.

Here’s where you can go if you’re hankering for horse riding during your visit to Windhoek:

  • Equitrails
    You’ll find Equitrails on the road to Okahandja, about 16km from Windhoek. This establishment offers a range of rides to suit every level of rider, including overnight trails to a nearby guest farm.
  • Dusternbrook Guest Farm
    Dusternbrook Guest Farm is 45 minutes north of Windhoek in the lowlands of the Khomas Hochland mountain range. Here you can enjoy a wide variety of horse rides in this game-rich environment, ranging from 1 to 6 hours long as well as 4- and 8-day horseback safaris.
  • Okapuka Horse Safaris
    Okapuka Horse Safaris traverse the mountains and savannahs of Dobra, about half an hour’s drive north of Windhoek. These horse safaris cater to experienced riders only and take place over four hours daily during a week’s stay. Your playground is 20 000 hectares of pristine private game conservation space.

What Should You Bring for a Horse Riding Outing?

Trail ride operators provide most of the equipment you need for your trail ride. This includes horses, saddles and bridles, water bottles, and approved safety headgear.

You must wear long pants for horse riding, preferably close-fitting ones made of stretch material if you want to avoid the stirrup leathers pinching your legs. Jeans are fine as long as they’re a snug fit.

Sturdy closed shoes with a small heel are essential for a comfortable ride and it’s best to wear a tailored T-shirt or a long-sleeved shirt. Loose-fitting shirts will irritate you during the ride and flapping garments may startle any game you encounter.

Sunblock and sunglasses are recommended for all outdoor activities in Namibia’s hot climate.

Discover the Best that Namibia Has to Offer

If you’re not ready to saddle up, there are many other ways to enjoy nature near Windhoek. You can embark on hikes and walks, relax next to Avis Dam, go fishing, or simply spend time relaxing in pristine surroundings.

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