Rock Climbing In Namibia

Rock Climbing Namibia

Namibia is a great destination for climbing, with great weather and spectacular views from high up. There is no danger from snow or freezing temperatures and the available mountains are nowhere near as treacherous or high as those in Europe or Asia. 

However, before you grab a backpack and book your accommodation in Namibia, it is best to get some guidance from the professionals.  Organisations such as Element Riders can make sure you are ready to take on the granite at their dedicated climbing facility.  

There are several places in Namibia where you can indulge in your penchant for scaling inanimate objects:

The Spitzkoppe

Located near Usakos, near the Erongo Mountains, the Spitzkoppe is made up of several ancient granite outcrops, rising dramatically from the Namib Plains, and is a much-photographed landmark. 

The highest peak is 700m above the floor of the desert and requires a high degree of skill to summit, earning it the name of ‘Namibia’s Matterhorn’.  Since the first mountaineer stood atop the Spitzkoppe in 1946, over 500 individuals have managed this feat. 

There are many sport-climbing routes in the Spitzkoppe, some of them secured with bolts and these range in difficulty from gentle slopes to risky vertical pitches.

The Erongo Mountains

Thirty traditional climbing routes are offered at Omandumba in the west of the Erongo Mountains.  Expect intense scenery, abundant birdlife, wildlife and rock art on these climbs.  There are three areas to choose from, all featuring exceptional granite climbing opportunities.

The Brandberg

The Brandberg is difficult to climb.  Those who attempt it will be well rewarded though, with stunning scenery and plenty of rock art to admire along the way, along with a sense of achievement at having scaled Namibia’s highest peak.

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