Swakopmund: Things To Do

Swakopmund in Namibia

Swakopmund is one of Namibia’s favourite tourist destinations with good reason. While it may be a small city with a population of only 42 000 people, it offers all the modern indulgences that tourists seek. 

It is a great city for shopping, eating and drinking and has a rich cultural history.  Its location however is what makes it such a popular spot.  Nestled between the ocean and the desert, Swakopmund is fantastic for adventure seekers because of activities like hot air ballooning, sky diving, deep sea fishing, dune boarding and the list goes on and on.

The Lighthouse is a very popular spot for tourists, because of its history and beautiful views of the stark and rugged landscape around Swakopmund.  It is also home to The Tug restaurant.

Built around the original Danie Hugo tugboat this restaurant is located on the seafront and offers remarkable views, and, as all good sea front restaurants should be, it is known for its excellent seafood. 

Enjoy the West Coast lobster, cultivated oysters, mussels and prawns, and wash it all down with some fine wines from the South African wine lands.

Along with the action adventure, good food and beer, Swakopmund has a great deal to offer in terms of history and culture.  There are 12 different languages spoken in the area and cultural tours are available for the curious. 

The Swakopmund Museum offers a fascinating history of the town, taking visitors from German Colonisation through to administration under South African governance and finally into independence; a great place to take the kids.

Namibia is a treasure chest for tourists, and Swakopmund is certainly one of its most valuable gems. A bustling and charming little city when you are in the mood for it, but also just a ten minute drive out to the silence and vast spaces that Namibia is known for. 

Whether you are seeking luxury accommodation in Namibia, or you are backpacking your way through Africa, Swakopmund is a prize destination.

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