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Lüderitz Namibia

Visitors to Namibia, whether they are looking for luxury accommodation in Namibia or touring on a camping trip, should stop in at the colourful vibey little town of Luderitz, found on the southern tip of Namibia’s wild coastline.  Luderitz locals will tell you that there are five elements that characterise the southern areas of Namibia; these are the wind, the ocean, crayfish, breath-taking scenery and finally, the parties.  Luderitz locals are simply addicted to talking, laughing and having a good time.

Parties and crayfish aside though, Luderitz has a great deal to offer tourists and locals alike.  Here are a few must sees in the area:

  • Walking tour of Kolmanskop:  an old mining town that is today a relic of history. This tour provides insight into life in southern Namibia in the 1930’s including interesting details like the ice making machines and 10 pin bowling.  This is rated no.1 on Trip Advisor for things to do in Luderitz
  • Spergebiet National Park:  a relatively new park in Namibia, tourists can take a trip to see the 55m rock arch, the ghost town of Elizabeth Bay and visit what is famously known as Fairytale Valley (Marchetel) where diamonds were said to once have been so common that the landscape would gleam in the light of the moon.
  • The Old Whaling station:  another relic of history, which today serves as something of a hotel for seals and the occasional African penguin
  • Wild Horses:  go to Aus to see the wild horses that roam there
  • Felsenkirche:  visit the old church located on a rock on top of a hill overlooking Luderitz. The architecture and views of the church are beautiful, as are the stained glass windows that all carry a history of their own.

More than just animals and landscapes, Luderitz offers a Namibian safari of history, spend days touring the area, hiking exploring and learning about the rich past and culture of the area. Nights can be spent absorbing the fascinating lessons learned over dinners of crayfish and jugs of Namibian beer.

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