Epupa Falls

Epupa Falls – One of Namibia’s Most Beautiful Water Features

A Breath-taking Natural Showcase in the Koakoaveld

Visitors flock to the tranquil environment at Epupa Falls to lap up the natural surroundings of gushing water as it dashes through a 40m deep gash in the colorful rock walls.

This lovely unspoiled environment is part of the Kunene River, one of only five perennial watercourses in Namibia on the border between Angola and Namibia.

Every season offers a different spectacle thanks to the river’s dependence on rainfall, with April and May being the most popular times to visit.

The border river between Namibia and Angola, the Kunene, plummets down a 40-meter-deep gorge at the Epupa Falls close to the nearby village of Epupa. In the Herero language Epupa means “falling water”.

Facilities at Epupa Falls

You’ll find a selection of bars, restaurants, and swimming pools at the surrounding accommodation establishments when you visit Epupa Falls.                                 

Things to Do at Epupa Falls

Photography is one of the most popular pastimes at Epupa Falls, but you can also relax and soak up the scenes or get active on walks among the lovely indigenous trees in the area.

Other activities include bird hikes, crocodile tours, cultural outings, 4×4 routes, white-water rafting, and al fresco sundowners with a view.

Accommodation Near Epupa Falls 

Epupa Falls is a huge drawcard for tourists, so you’ll find plenty of places to stay over during your trip. These include campsites and lodges for every preference. 

Enjoy Namibia’s Best Experiences

Epupa Falls creates a memorable spectacle of indigenous plants and gorgeous landscapes, ideal for a family retreat or a romantic day trip amid Namibia’s glorious natural surroundings.

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Epupa Falls

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