The Independence Museum

The Independence Museum Windhoek

Something different for your Namibian visit

You’ll find the Independence Museum on Robert Mugabe Avenue, sandwiched between the famous Christuskirche and the Alte Feste. It’s one of the few monuments in Windhoek boasting a different style to the usual colonial German architecture.

Instead, the museum is built in the North Korean socialist realist, style, so it stands out as a beacon of the post-colonial state.

About the Independence Museum

The main structure of the museum comprises a five-story triangle of glass fronted by a glass elevator.

A bronze statue of Sam Nujoma towers over the street front, holding a copy of the Constitution of Namibia. This showpiece replaced the previous Reiterdenkmal equestrian statue which stood at this spot for 102 years.

To the south of the Sam Nujoma Statue, you’ll see the Genocide Statue which stands as a testament to the suffering incurred at the hands of Germany’s Schutztruppe during the 1904-7 war.

The statue depicts a man and woman embracing to symbolize the freedom of Namibia. At its base is a representation of a traditional Namibian home with the inscription, ‘Their Blood Waters our Freedom’.

What to See at the Independence Memorial Museum

Inside the museum you can explore how Namibia wrested itself from a long history of colonial domination.

“Colonial Repression” – The first floor represents the timeline of the country under South African rule and commemorates the early resistance leaders.

“Liberation” – One floor up, you’ll discover the ins and outs of the South African Border War and the People’s Liberation Army of Namibia.

“Road to Independence” – The third floor introduces the activities of SWAPO, showcases the United Nations Security Council Resolution 435, and also boasts views of the Panoramic Hall. From a viewing platform.

Dining at the Independence Memorial Museum

The top floor of the building houses the National Independence Memorial Museum Restaurant, known as NIMS, where visitors have spectacular views over the city while dining on simple hearty meals at any time of the day.

Apart from some great eats, the restaurant also has several interesting mementos of Namibian culture on display and souvenirs for sale.

Explore Namibia’s Finest Attractions

Aside from its staggering beauty, unique sights, and interesting wildlife, Namibia has a rich cultural heritage. It’s worth looking a little deeper into these aspects during your visit to the country.

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The Independence Museum

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