Namibia: Opening the door to Africa as the Adventure Travel Continent

“Let us bring the summit home” said Namibian Minister for Environment and Tourism, Netumbo Nandi-Ndwitah, at the 2011 Adventure World Summit hosted in Mexico. Fortunately the organisers agreed and in October 2013 the Adventure World Travel Summit will be hosted in Windhoek and Swakopmund for 5 days, from the 26th to the 31st of that month.

It is no surprise that Namibia is the first African country to have been chosen to host this summit.  Namibia’s strong focus on sustainable tourism, conservation and community involvement and upliftment through conservation and tourism, makes it a shining example of what to do right on the continent.

The rugged and beautiful terrain of the country makes it the ideal adventure tourism location, offering skydiving in Swakopmund, sand boarding in the Namib, trekking trips with the Khoi people, quad biking, and so much more.  All this on top of the remarkable safaris Namibia has to offer.

The Adventure World Travel Summit is a prestigious event in the global tourism world and it is quite a feather in Namibia’s cap to be the host country.  The event is organised by the Adventure Travel Trade Association and this is the 10th Adventure Travel Summit to be held.  

Approximately 600 delegates are expected to attend the summit which will, this year, be run on a different format from the previous events.

In 2013 in-field sessions will form a part of the summit.  This means that delegates will have a chance to experience first-hand the kind of adventure activities on offer and gain real experience in adventure travel.

Along with the in-field experiences the summit also offers networking and development programmes for both business and professionals; educational seminars and adventure destination review opportunities.

Tourists from Europe, the Americas and Asia are beginning to lose their fear of Africa as a travel destination.

Namibia has made great strides in welcoming overseas tourists to enjoy the natural wildlife and environment which can still be experienced across the continent.  

The chance to host the 2013 Adventure World Travel Summit will open up even more travel not only to Namibia, but also to the region as tourists begin to realise that rather than a place to be feared and avoided, Africa can be the number one adventure tourism destination.

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