Photography holidays in Namibia

Photography Holidays Namibia

“Photography is painting with light” – Des Bartlett

From the stark, otherworldly landscapes of the Sossusvlei, to the striking figures of the Himba and Herero people, the small bands of desert elephants that roam the Namib and the historic buildings of Luderitz and Swakopmund, Namibia is a country that lends itself to art in all its forms, but particularly that of photography.  Many iconic images of Africa are in fact taken in Namibia, women of the Himba tribe and the fossilized trees of the Deadvlei stand out in particular.

For both beginner and professional photographers, photography trips to Namibia are available.  This country has provided inspiration to many photography greats, in particular Des and Jen Bartlett who spent over 50 years filming and photographing wildlife across continents. Their work on Namibia was featured in National Geographic and inspired many other photographers to come paint with the Namibian light.

Photographers looking to visit Namibia can be assured of finding inspiration, irrespective of their interest or preferred subject matter. Sunrise and sunset are the best times to be out there, largely because of the great light, but also the temperatures.  The different seasons in Namibia all bring an entirely different perspective for the photographer, an entire year can be spent exploring the vast and diverse landscape of the country through the eye of the lens.

Contact tour operators like Wild Safari Africa, who offer Photographic Namibian Safaris to both professional and amateur photographers. Or just take a month of work, do your homework and book a flight to Namibia with your camera in hand.  Sometimes the best experiences happen when you take the road alone, unguided and totally open to all experiences that come your way.

NOTE: As a Namibia Destination Specialist we can help you organize your photography holiday in Namibia – contact us to find out more.

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