5 Reasons To Visit Khaudum National Park

Khaudum National Park

Unspoilt Spaces and True Solitude for the Adventurous Traveller

Khaudum National Park epitomises the road less travelled for avid adventurers, and thus an excellent opportunity to escape into nature without the crowds.

Discover our top five reasons to add this unique wilderness to your Namibia trip itinerary.

Enjoy Unique Wildlife Sightings

Khaudum occupies an interesting position between the lush Caprivi and dry expanses of Botswana which makes it a top attraction for a variety of species. It’s one of the only places you’ll see water-loving antelope like Tsessebe alongside dry land specialists such as hartebeest.

You’ll also enjoy a chance to spot many of Namibia’s best-loved creatures, including oryx, wildebeest, zebra, giraffe, and kudu. If you’re lucky, you might even spot lion and side-striped jackal, or rarer species like wild dog, leopard, and roan antelope.

Fulfil Your Quota of Elephants

Khaudum was once an area favoured for hunting large bull elephants and other trophy animals. Today, it’s a haven for around 3 000 of these pachyderms who migrate peacefully across its plains during the winter months.

If you can never get enough of these gentle giants, you’ll find no shortage of them to admire at one of the 12 waterholes scattered strategically across the park.

Adventures for Everyone

Whether you prefer to put yourself out there on guided walks through the wilderness, or view game securely from the comfort of your car, Khaudum won’t disappoint. And if you enjoy a bit of action while behind the wheel, a variety of 4×4 trails through forests and plains will put your skills to the test.

The park also boasts concealed hides at most of its waterholes, allowing you a peek into the undisturbed daily life of the local wildlife.

If you’re interested in a more comprehensive overview of local life, guided tours to visit the Ju/’hoansi clan provide insights into the traditional lifestyle of this ancient tribe.

Khaudum is for the Birds (and Birders)

More than 320 species of birds frequent the Khaudum National Park between November and March, but there are plenty of others to admire all year round, too.

The park is the perfect hunting ground for 50 types of raptors, and is home to brightly-hued Meyer’s parrots, too.

Other birds you can expect to tick off your list during a visit to Khaudum National Park include ground and Bradfield’s hornbills, racket-tailed rollers, sharp-tailed starlings, rufous-bellied tits as well as Senegal and coppery-tailed coucals.

Immerse Yourself More Fully in Nature

During a stay at Khaudum, you can overnight at one of two camps offering a return to nature in true African style.

The third camp is for those who prefer a little more luxury in their travels.

Wherever you choose to stay you can count on a restful place to wind down after an exciting day, while you cook over an open fire under the blazing Namibian night sky.

Exploring Namibia 101

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