All The Best Reasons To Visit Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls | Places To See & Attractions In Zimbabwe

Embrace Unforgettable Adventures on Tap when you visit Vic Falls

Victoria Falls offers a sensory smorgasbord of experiences to suit every kind of traveller. The sheer magnitude of Mosi oa Tunya will blow your mind, and it seems impossible to run out of ways to enjoy this vast, enchanting playground.

Keep reading to discover why you should visit Victoria Falls if your travel bucket list looks a little forlorn right now.

Victoria Falls Looks Great on Your Travel Resumé

Victoria Falls and the surrounding forest are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, recognized for their outstanding universal value.

While not the widest or the highest waterfall in the world, the combined width of the Falls makes it the largest sheet of falling water, pumping between 10 million and 500 million litres of water per minute into the depths below, depending on the season.

You can see the mist generated by this thundering mass up to 50 km away. This phenomenon earned Vic Falls the nickname, ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya,’ which means, ‘the smoke that thunders.’

By night, when conditions are right, you can witness the staggering beauty of a moonbow created by moonlight refracting in the spray from the falls.

These factors make Vic Falls a top choice for photographers as well as those looking to tick a few firsts off their travel lists.

Vic Falls Overflows with Multi-Faceted Enjoyments

Victoria offers a paradox of adventure and scenic beauty, and it’s a top choice whether you’re looking for optimum relaxation, unique experiences, or life-changing adventures.

What’s more, a trip to Victoria Falls offers two destinations in one trip, with a range of enjoyments on offer in both Zimbabwe and Zambia up for grabs. Thanks to the Kaza UniVisa (one visa which allows tourists to visit Zambia and Zimbabwe multiple times), you can cut down on the paperwork involved too.

Whether you lap up the tranquillity on offer or go in search of an adrenaline spike you’re unlikely to forget for years to come, is entirely your choice at this diverse destination.

Here’s what’s up for grabs.

Fine Dining and Traditional Entertainment

We know you’ve been dying to try mopane worms, nshima, and kapenta. Well, you can at both roadside stalls and eateries scattering along the falls and its neighbouring towns.

No trip to this part of the world is complete without dining under the stars at The Boma to the beat of African drums, while traditional dancers amaze you with their energetic dances.

Most of these meals incorporate both conventional and game meats cooked over the open fire, which fills the air with the delectable aromas so typical of African evenings.

Cultural and Historic Enjoyments

The massive bridge spanning the valley between Zimbabwe and Zambia is a marvel of 20th-century construction, spanning almost 200m. For a true trip back in time, take the steam train across the great divide and enjoy stunning views and a unique dining experience.

If you’d like to experience the famous Zimbabwean hospitality first-hand, there are several traditional African villages in the area accessible via guided tours.

These excursions provide a glimpse of timeless traditions as well as a chance to buy authentic curios.

Other historically- and culturally inclined sites worth visiting include the Big Tree, Africa’s largest baobab, the David Livingstone Museum, as well as galleries and studios located in both Livingstone and Victoria Falls.

Sky High Fun

Microlight and helicopter flips provide wonderful views over the Victoria Falls and the wildlife havens along its shores. These exciting jaunts are an excellent way to appreciate the true magnitude of this destination before embarking on one of the many other adventures on offer.

Other top choices include the gorge swing from the Victoria Falls Bridge, abseiling down sheer cliff faces, horizontal and vertical zip lining, and canopy tours through the rain forest.

Admire Nature’s Bounty

For a true immersion in the Victoria Falls experience, take a dip in Devil’s Pool, located at the very edge of the Falls, or take a hike down the challenging terrain of Batoka Gorge.

Guided drives into Zambezi National Park yield sightings of Africa’s top game species, while a boating trip down the river is bound to reveal antelope drinking on its banks, as well as hippos, and crocodiles languishing among the abundance.

Taking on the Zambezi

During the high-water season, you can experience the true power of the Zambezi below the falls on white water rafting excursions or take a high-speed trip on a powerboat.

Not every interaction with this huge water body is extreme though. You can also enjoy meandering among its depths on sunset cruises, and avid anglers can spend the day fishing for one of the 75 species of game fish present in these waters, including the challenging tiger fish.

Relax in Luxury

After a day of exploring the wonders and excitement of Victoria Falls, you can retire in luxury at one of the many hotels and resorts in the area.

Most of these offer excellent restaurants, swimming pools, bars, and even spas for your enjoyment.

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