Cycling in Namibia

Cycling Namibia

Namibia is a country you tour to find your soul.  The scenery is not the plush forests and grasslands that many imagine when they think of African safaris.  With Namibian safaris, most of the appeal is in the harsh, stark environment that will take your breath away.

For both cyclists and runners, a long distance overland trip is a journey you will never forget.  Namibia may not be the first country you think of when considering a cycling tour but it will undoubtedly prove an unrivalled experience. 

On a bicycle contact with the natural environment and wildlife is so much more, well, natural. The sheer exhilaration of cycling past a small group of desert elephants, sliding down the dunes to get to their favourite water spots, cannot be easily beaten.

A popular trip is to cycle through the dolomite and limestone formations as you pass the Gamsberg, the fourth highest mountain in Namibia.  This is internationally known as an incredible spot for star watching, and contains pink granite and quartz rock formations that are over 100 million years old.

The Skeleton Coast is another popular option, especially for those who like to push themselves to their limits.  This coast is aptly named and brings to mind the hardships, adventure and rich history of the area.

As you follow the coast the landscape changes, bringing with it new delights to discover hiding in the seemingly inhospitable surroundings.  The Namibian landscape holds a beautiful secret about the true resilience of life on our planet.

Cycling in Namibia does not have to be an extreme quest of hardship, for those who prefer to keep their cycling purely recreational, day trips or mountain biking adventures can be easily arranged. 

There is no shame in booking into luxury accommodation in Windhoek and parking your bicycle after three hours to enjoy a relaxing afternoon nap. Mabaruli Safaris can arrange cycling trips in Namibia to suit every individual taste

Tell us about the best cycling routes you have come across in Namibia, we would love to share them with first time visitors.

Whether you prefer to take a few days on a cycling tour to have the unadulterated Namibian travel experience, want an action packed mountain adventure or want to take a leisurely cycle through Windhoek stopping at pubs on the way, Namibia is a great cycling destination.  Its many diverse and stark landscapes and its beautiful and accommodating cities will ensure a cycling holiday which is truly unique.

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