Kitesurfing in Namibia


We are more likely to think of desert excursions and safaris in Etosha National Park than water-sports when it comes to planning a holiday in Namibia. However, the feisty Atlantic Ocean offers quite a few options for exciting seafaring activities, like kitesurfing.

Kite surfers are a breed of adventure sportsmen who thrive on the challenges that the Atlantic brings. High winds and choppy waters making Namibia one of the go-to destinations for unforgettable kitesurfing experiences.

You don’t need to be a pro to join in the sunny, windy, fun either. First-timers are welcome to try their luck at kitesurfing schools dotted along the seaboard. It is however recommended that they try it out with a pro instructor.

The shoreline of Namibia is a harsh place, earning the name ‘The Skeleton Coast’ for its treatment of passing seafarers. There are three major spots to fly through the water along this stretch of ocean, which offers something really special for the kiteboarding enthusiast.

Walvis Bay

Surrounded by beaches and lagoons, Walvis Bay is the obvious choice for a kite-surfing extravaganza.

At Main Lagoon conditions are ideal for both kite and windsurfers. Slightly warmer water temperatures than the surrounding seas (up to 22°C during Summer), and wide grassy areas for pumping and landing kites. Other suitable spots include Dolfyn Strand, known as ‘Gunz’ and Flamingo lagoon.

Nearby, the Speed Strip, which is the scene of many a kite-surfing world speed record attempt. This is a narrow 1,5 mile long canal where flat waters are buffeted by high winds.

The local Walvis Bay Kite and Wind Surf Centre is the place to go for private kite surfing lessons and to hire or buy kite surfing equipment.


Swakopmund is no stranger to active adventure sports and is the place to get your adrenaline pumping in Namibia. However, if you are staying in Swakopmund you will need to travel to Walvis Bay to get in on the kitesurfing action.

The conditions at Swakopmund are suitable only for the bravest and most experienced kite surfers.

Element Riders will pick you up at your accommodation for internationally recognised courses in kite surfing. You will learn basic flying and handling in your first lesson, eventually graduating to jumping, riding upwind and thrilling turns by level 3. 


Lauded as one of the world’s best surfing destinations, Lüderitz is the host of the annual Lüderitz Speed Challenge in October every year.

The challenge takes place along specially constructed purpose-built channels which offer safe conditions for high speed action. Speeds of over 100km per hour have been recorded in this kite-surfers paradise.

The bay at Lüderitz is perfect for first time kite boarders and Element Riders also offers courses at this destination for those who want to learn. The waves here are reasonably gentle and the wind is reliable.

The prevailing kite surfing winds on the Skeleton Coast are from August to December. The best times to hit the water for kite-surfing is just as soon as those winds let you! 

Plan something different for your Namibian holiday this year! Fly in to Windhoek and take the scenic 3-hour drive to a world of adventure along the Skeleton Coast.


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