Protecting Nature At Arebbusch Travel Lodge

Protecting Nature At Arebbusch Travel Lodge

Showcasing and Conserving Namibia’s Natural Resources

Urbanization, with its increasing pollution and carbon emissions, is vital for our economic survival. Yet, without intense efforts to make up for the damage it causes, we’re all doomed to a future that’s looking a little dimmer than we’d hoped right now.

As clouds of carbon emissions continue to gather in our atmosphere, the negative effects of global warming are becoming ever-more frequent. Nowadays, we accept seasonal disruptions and extreme or unusual weather events as a matter of course.

It doesn’t need to be this way

Pristine natural spaces close to major cities can play a significant role in helping to offset the environmental harm created wherever people gather en masse.

That’s why Arebbusch Travel Lodge is dedicated to standing out as a haven of natural beauty and committed conservation efforts within an urban setting.

This is how we are making a difference today:

Protecting Nature is a Priority at Arebbusch Travel Lodge

Arebbusch Travel Lodge comprises a spectacular showcase of Namibia’s natural environment in Windhoek. The grounds are pristine, featuring swathes of natural veld and conservation-wise landscaped gardens.

Due to this, the property teems with birdlife, insects, and small mammals. This beautifully conserved environment is not by accident. It’s part of our greater design that extends as far as possible throughout our operations.

Designing Around Trees

While Arebbusch Travel Lodge boasts numerous accommodation options and amenities, they are all built with nature in mind. As far as possible, the lodge is built around the original trees, conserving them as a vital part of keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible.

Arebbusch is For the Birds

What’s more, the lodge has added many more specimens of indigenous trees and vegetation over the years to clean the air as well as provide, food, shelter, and nesting places for indigenous birds.

Bird feeders are another attraction for avian species, and the lodge already boasts many of these, with several more planned for strategic spots around the property.

The Bigger Picture

Many of the measures in place at Arebbusch have benefits that stretch across the country and the globe.

These include:

  • Watering the gardens sparingly with semi-purified recycled water to protect our natural groundwater from any possible pollutants and conserve water resources.
  • Using solar energy wherever possible to reduce reliance on carbon-fuelled electricity.
  • Implementing energy-saving lightbulbs to decrease electricity use.
  • An intensive recycling program to reduce waste

You can enjoy delicious meals at the on-site restaurant and pizzeria guilt-free, knowing that these establishments use eco-friendly packaging. The pizza boxes at Arebbusch Travel Lodge Pizzeria are 100% decomposable and recyclable.

Do Your Bit to Protect Nature

Tourism is a vital part of the Namibian economy and relies heavily on nature to survive. So, if you’re planning a trip to this fascinating country soon, it’s important to protect nature every step of the way.

When you stay at Arebbusch Travel Lodge and eat at our on-site restaurant, you know you’re having the least impact possible on this wonderful environment. What’s more, you’re helping support a venue that’s truly making an impact on its surroundings.

Your booking ensures that Arebbusch can continue to protect all the birds, insects, trees, and plants that depend on it for their survival.

Book your accommodation today and take steps towards protecting nature on your visit to Namibia.


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