Hot Air Ballooning In Namibia

Hot Air Ballooning In Namibia

Enjoy the Best Views on Your Trip to Namibia

Thanks to clear, calm skies and an almost total lack of extreme weather, Namibia is the perfect place for your introduction to hot air ballooning. The vast open areas and interesting topography of the country also makes it ideal for airborne viewing.

Photographers will find no shortage of subject matter or a more unique way to capture the dramatic, arid landscapes of this gorgeous country.

Where to Go Hot Air Ballooning in Namibia

From glowing dunes to rugged shores, Namibia offers a wealth of picturesque places to get airborne. The best ones are:

Namib Naukluft National Park

This part of the world is magnificent no matter which angle you view it from, but its particularly breath-taking from the air.

These balloon trips depart from just outside the park and will take you over some of the area’s most acclaimed features like tall sand dunes, the Deadvlei and the Sossusvlei.

While you’re airborne you might also get to see some of the local wildlife like regal oryx or dazzling zebra. When you touch down among the sands, take some time to appreciate the vastness of this immaculately preserved wilderness or search your surroundings for some of the tiny desert-adapted plants and animals living there.

Soaring Above the Skeleton Coast

Another top destination for hot air ballooning in Namibia is the Skeleton Coast. In this part of the world, you’ll enjoy the dunes of the Namib, shipwrecks along the shore, and lumbering seals at Cape Cross from a totally different point of view.

What to Expect During a Hot Air Balloon Outing

Usually, your trip includes an early morning shuttle from your accommodation to the launching site. For the best experience, you need to get in the air just before the sun starts its ascent.

You’ll usually get airborne in the pre-dawn haze which means you get the ultimate privilege of witnessing the sunrise in all its glory before touching down for a morning treat. Depending on your particular trip, this could include a cooked breakfast among the sands or coffee and rusks as well as the opportunity to explore a little on foot.

Afterwards, your shuttle will take you back to your hotel or other accommodation.

Hot Air Ballooning Offers a New Perspective

Hot air ballooning is one of the best ways to lap up the stunning landscapes and grandeur of the dunes during your trip to Namibia. It’s a gentle way to explore this rugged environment and you don’t need any special skills to enjoy it to the fullest.

Anyone who’s tall enough to see over the edge of the basket can take part in this activity.

If you suffer from a fear of heights you needn’t worry, the restful motion of the balloon and gorgeous 360’ views that surround you will soon put you at ease. You won’t experience any vertigo and since the balloon offers no resistance to the wind, there’s no turbulence either.

Hot air ballooning also has an outstanding safety record, so you know you’re in good hands.

Would you like to find out more about how to enjoy hot air ballooning in Namibia? Get in touch for more information.

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