In Namibia, safari & conservation go hand in hand

Namibia Conservation

How often does wildlife conservation cross your mind? Most would say that our lives are so busy these days that we are so preoccupied with our own survival that there is little time to worry about the rest of the planet.

In Namibia, a land of harsh climates, daily life is such a fine balance between preservation of the environment and the careful use of precious resources, that we are constantly aware of the importance of conservation. With so many protected species and threatened environs, sustainable tourism is essential and nowhere else are best practices applied so passionately.

Visitors to this region are quick to realise that anything so beautiful must surely deserve special attention and are inspired to do their share. Now, undoubtedly, tourism in itself is making a huge difference, but for more personal involvement, there is nothing quite like getting down and dirty and working with the animals.

On Namibia’s pristine Waterberg Plateau, just 3.5 hours’ drive from Windhoek, the World’s largest Cheetah population is to be found. These magnificent cats have declined in number to just 10 000 worldwide, and huge efforts to preserve and increase their number are underway here.

How can you play a part?

If you’ve brought the whole family along on the trip, the children would love to pay a visit to the area where two prominent organisations are involved in educating the public and, in fact, even putting them to work with these amazing creatures.

Day excursions & Education

Cheetah Conservation Fund has a number of programs to raise awareness of the Cheetah and its endangered status, especially for children. Helping the young understand the creatures with which we share the planet is key.

The impact of human population growth on the environment is, after all, the reason the Cheetah teeters on the brink of extinction. Day trips to the facility are a wonderful way to spend the day while contributing to something so important.

More hands on

If you really want to get involved, Volunteering as a working guest may appeal to you, or you may want to join an expedition with Earthwatch Institute, another organisation playing a role here.

There is nothing more satisfying or more grounding than being in such close contact with these majestic beasts. Just the kind of memory you want to take away with you.

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