Namibia Conservation – The greatest conservation story ever told

Namibia Conservation

Namibia has created one of the greatest recovery stories ever told, and as actions often speak louder than words, the Namibian Government has gone out on a limb to create a whole new way of doing things, by actively educating its people.

Killing wildlife was something that Namibians did in the past in order to eat. But, with a recently-found independence, Namibians are feeling excited about their future, building up their wildlife and preserving their natural world, correcting what was done in the past.

Educational conservation programmes are being devised by the Government giving generously back to its people, It has now become second-nature for Namibians to proudly conserve the land they call home.

Respecting the past and building a good, solid future in environmental tourism has injected new life into the economy, creating jobs and income for those training as conservationists.

The conservancies that have been created only form part of this vast expansive country. There are several new national parks that have been opened up since Namibia’s independence, and the efforts that have been made with a complete commitment to conservation, have changed the face of conservation forever.

Conservation and the free-roaming of game

  • As much as 42% of Namibia is under conservation today with the commitment diligently implemented.
  • The black rhino has been re-introduced and efforts have been made to move these majestic beasts from one conservancy to another in a rotational manner.
  • Elephant roam from one border to another and back again to all five neighbouring countries, ensuring that these ecosystems are functioning effectively on a grand scale. Even more impressive is the fact that the entire coastline is a protected area, which goes to show how serious the Namibian Government is about conserving its beautiful land.

We can all take out hats off regarding the conservation organisations that are doing all this excellent work. Namibia has indeed a remarkable conservation story encouraging other countries to follow suit; especially those in Africa.

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