Namibia and Conservation are like Carrots and Peas

Namibia Conservation

Conservation and Namibia go hand in glove, a little like peas go with carrots. Although Namibia is a young country, the stories that make up its future are ancient, like threads woven into a tapestry. This land of wide open spaces, warm hearts and friendly smiles is making a huge effort to correct what damage was done in the past to its wildlife.

Wildlife was being systematically slaughtered and used as food which was often done illegally. Huge strides have been made in modern Namibia to reverse the situation, correcting the past, and with it a smart conservation plan has been implemented.

This has had a positive domino effect on all aspects on the lives of every Namibian and with it a whole new door has been opened introducing environmental tourism which now plays an important role.

Environmental tourism means more jobs for the locals offering comprehensive training and education resulting in qualified conservationists.

Environmental Tourism at its finest

Conservancies have been introduced to create a natural habitat for the wildlife as it used to be before man started prolific hunting in this heavenly part of Africa. 

With the introduction of conservancies in 1998, there were only four to begin with, but by 2011 there were 65, which is something to be proud of. This means that one in four Namibians are involved in controlling and running these conservancies, preserving wildlife and taking care of what nature has so generously given.

With the introduction of conservancies the Government of Namibia has given back to the people, in order for all to benefit. This is indeed a win-win situation and the results have been fantastic.

The tourism industry is blooming and luxurious venture lodges are being built all over Namibia, making this the perfect destination for those seeking these great open spaces and awe-inspiring safaris.

Namibia has always been deeply connected to its past with all Namibians being excited about their future. It is, therefore, impressive that such encouraging and positive strides have been made to conserve and take care of the beauty that has been generously bestowed on this incredible land. Namibia is indeed a little pocket of Heaven on earth.

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